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New Orleans’ New Super(food) Bar

When I say superfood, you probably imagine spooning big gobs of gumbo down your throat while watching the Mardi Gras Indians strut their stuff on Super Sunday. Gumbo is totally the superfood of Super Sunday. But there’s a new Superfood Bar in New Orleans that serves some seriously powerful all-natural smoothies, snacks, sorbets, and teas, all sugar free, and all concocted to make you feel, well, super.

Located at 4113 Magazine Street in the Garden District, the first thing you see when you walk into this cozy shop is a chalkboard filled with mouth-watering drinks. The one that caught my eye was the Vitamineral Green smoothie packed with Pineapple, Basil, & Coconut, but the Vanilla Banana Cream smoothie and Tropical Maca with Mango all looked equally delicious.

All of these drinks are doused with superfood powders that contain dozens of nutrients that our bodies readily crave and absorb. “Think of it as the opposite of an empty calorie,” says founder Joseph Stone. No synthetic protein powders that make your muscles bulge in freakish ways; this stuff is what humans have been eating for thousands of years. It’s what our bodies were made to consume.

Everything in the store is sugar free and raw, and almost all of the fruits are sourced locally, but that doesn’t mean that the Superfood Bar is anti-New Orleans cuisine. “I still eat jambalaya and drink Abita Amber!” says Joseph. Every diet needs balance, and superfoods give you that extra nutrient boost so you can still enjoy your favorite dishes while being healthy.

The store has a bevy of reading material for the superfood curious, so stop by and take some time to discover the science behind this way of healthy eating.

They also have some delicious snacks and desserts, like their Sundae with fresh sorbet and coconut whipped cream (sugar free, of course), and their all natural fruit roll-ups. For the joyous parent, this means no frantic  sugar-highs for little Johnny.

If you’re an iced tea fan, then check out their delicious concoction of spirulina – a superfood immune-boosting  supplement – ice tea. I swear when I drank this my body did a little jig inside.

The Superfood Bar is Open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM; Sunday 12PM-3PM

For more information on superfoods, check out their Facebook page.

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