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Patisserie: A European Bakery in Uptown New Orleans

Maple Street Patisserie from on Vimeo.
7638 Maple Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

Video Transcript 

Fleurty Girl: There are lots of places in New Orleans that have been here
forever, but every once in awhile, a new place opens up that you know is
just going to become stable in just a matter of time. One of those places
is Maple Street Patisserie.

Maple Street Patisserie Speaker 1: Because our master bakers is a master
baker and a master pastry chef, he’s able to bring all of Europe here.
European technique has very little sugar in it. There’s no chemicals in
it, so you’re really eating a better product.

Ziggy: I’m doing same two things at the same time or even three things.

Maple Street Patisserie Speaker 1: So we’re just trying to give something
a little different, a little bit of Europe, right here on Maple Street.

Fleurty Girl: Are y’all going to be making king cakes?

Maple Street Patisserie Speaker 1: Absolutely. Nobody makes a better king
cake than Ziggy. His sweet dough is just really absolutely brilliant.

Ziggy: That pastry has chocolate chips, mini chips.

Fleurty Girl: When I make cookies, they’re either too brown or not cooked
enough. This is absolutely perfect. Oh, man. It’s perfectly crispy,
perfectly warm, just the right amount of chocolate, little almond in there.
This place stands up to the hype that we’ve heard about it. I get it.
After that bite, I got it. It clicked. I’ve never had food like this
before. It’s a great experience, a sweet experience that you don’t want to
miss next time you’re in New Orleans. Well, that wraps up another edition
of GoNola TV. I’m Fleurty Girl, and we’ll see you next time, darling.

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