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Verti Marte: Delivering Late Night Eats in New Orleans

verti marte
Verti Marte (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

I have handful of friends, displaced Who Dats, that always manage to make it back home for a Saints home game or two. This means three things for all of us: 1) We’re going to have a hotel room with a balcony over Bourbon Street; 2) everyone will have a great time; and, 3) Verti Marte will deliver (probably multiple times). It’s these times that no matter what is going on, you realize how great it is to be in New Orleans with old friends and have a 24-hour source for sustenance–without having to move an inch!

verti marte
Verti Marte (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

Rising from the Ashes

The burning of the Verti Marte back in late May was a dark day across the entire city. Tourists and locals of every type grieved over the loss of the French Quarter institution. Of course, the legendary New Orleans will to survive meant that it wouldn’t be long before the Verti Marte was back in business.

Eight months later, the classic New Orleans superette was at it again. While Verti Marte’s schedule lets you make groceries 24-hours a day, the never closing kitchen and around the clock delivery is key to a great reunion weekend. Oh, and don’t forget the bargain basement prices.

French Quarter Food 24/7

Their 24-hour schedule (and the French Quarter location) demands a heaping helping of breakfast foods on the menu, from full plates to breakfast sandwiches to omelets. But it is with the quintessential New Orleans sandwich, the po boy, that Verti Marte shines.

Need a hot roast beef or the traditional french fry po boy? How about one of the city’s best fried shrimp po boys? Verti Marte has you covered.

But if you want to see Verti Marte in all its glory, you’ve got to order one of the daily specials or a Verti Marte original po boy.

All That Jazz

I personally can’t imagine a trip to (or delivery from) the Verti Marte without the ever popular “All That Jazz,” an amazing collection of ham, turkey and fried shrimp covered in the multi-national Swiss and American cheeses, tomato and mushrooms. All that is served on grilled French Bread with the secret “WOW” sauce.

Others swear by the “Shrimp Philly,” a New Orleans seafood spin on the Philly cheese steak. No matter what your personal Verti Marte favorite is, the 24-hour kitchen and delivery means there is no reason why you can’t have it this weekend.

What is your go-to Verti Marte food? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

Verti Marte
1201 Royal Street
Open 24 hours
Cash Only

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