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The Best Authentic Latin Food and Drinks In New Orleans

Johnny Sánchez (Photo: Justen Williams)

Tacos are delicious. Filled with a protein, drizzled with salsa and lime, plus cilantro (if it doesn’t taste like soap to you), and double-layered tortilla to account for the dribble of juice, a good one is mouthwatering. But, tacos are simply one among an entire diverse region of dishes worth biting into.

Over the years, especially as Central American immigrants have taken up residence in New Orleans, adding to our rich diversity, the Latin American population has grown significantly in the Greater New Orleans area. As a result of that growth, a burst of not only Mexican food, but also Central and South American cuisine sprang onto the culinary scene. The local culinary landscape features an ever-growing and ever-evolving list of Latin American restaurants. September 15 is the start of Hispanic Heritage month, and while we encourage you to eat all of the delicious, Latin cuisine in New Orleans year-round, this month offers the perfect reason to indulge a little extra. Below is a sampling of some of the best and most authentic of the bunch, though it is certainly not all-inclusive.

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