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9 Thoughts We Had at Work Today

You could really use a vacation.

Weekdays are always tough, especially when you have to keep your thoughts to yourself. Don’t worry – we know what you’re thinking. And we get it. Might we suggest a vacation? You should visit New Orleans.

9 Thoughts we had at work today

1. I. Need. Coffee.


Find a latte of coffee options in NOLA.

2. I also need to get my creative wheels turning…


Kinda like the Steamboat Natchez?

3. What is my future with this company?

Maybe tarot cards or a little Voodoo can tell you…

4. Let me bang out this report.

Put on some music. It helps!

5. I’ve hit the wall. Does anyone have sugar?


These snowball stands do.

6. Donuts in the break room!

Yeah, but are they District Donuts?

7. Why are my coworkers so high-strung?


OK, we can’t really help you there.

8. I sure could use some fresh air.

How about City Park?

9. It’s 5 p.m.!!!

Second line time!

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