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Join the Big Gay Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry, bunnies! The hunt was on Easter Sunday only.

It’s Easter! If you’re here in New Orleans visiting this Easter, put on your bonnet, and wake up your favorite cotton tail, because today you’re going hunting. Gigantic, purple Easter Egg hunting. And inside each one is a cool prize just for you. Prizes like a two-night stay at a luxury hotel, dinner for four in an amazing courtyard restaurant, VIP passes, cocktails, and more. See, it’s like I said. In New Orleans, we know how to do Easter Weekend right.

First a couple of rules: 1) You must be 21 or over to claim an egg, and 2) you can only find ONE egg.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: gay easter egg hunt CLUES

EGG #1: “So, boo – where do you think we should look first?” Hint: Keep saying the first two words of this sentence to discover where the first egg is hidden.

EGG #2: Audrey Tautou starred in this 2001 romantic comedy about a young woman who improves the lives of her neighbors for the better. Find this egg at a cafe that has a similar name as the movie. (Hint: the director was Jean-Pierre Jeunet)

EGG #3: You don’t need to travel over the rainbow to find this next egg. And you certainly don’t need ruby slippers, either.

EGG #4: If Henry VIII were planning a trip to New Orleans, he’d bring his entire “court” to stay here. (Hint: also the name of the Duke who gave up the throne to his stuttering brother)

EGG #5: This house is filled with the blues, my brother. So head over here after 12pm to pick up this rhythm egg.

EGG #6: The people who work on a ship are called the ship’s _________. It’s also what we call a group of people who ride in a Mardi Gras float.

gay easter egg hunt courtyard
Hint: This image was taken in the courtyard where one of the eggs will be found. (Photo: Paul Broussard)


  1. Snap a picture of yourself holding the egg at the location where you found it (For example, in front of a sign that says the name of the place where the egg was hidden.)
  2. Post the picture on Instagram or Twitter (make sure it’s public) using #FOLLOWYOURNOLA and the # of the place you found it (included inside the egg).
  3. Tag @visitneworleans so we can find you and give you your prize!

LGBT EASTER EGG HUNT RULES: You must be 21 or older to win. Once you find an egg, you are no longer eligible to win another prize by finding another egg (one egg per winner). You must redeem the prize within 60 days of winning. No purchase necessary to play.


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