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Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Finding Fun in the Marigny-Bywater

Decipher eleven fun clues that will take you on a tour of the Marigny-Bywater in fewer than two hours.

More than 200 years ago, the Marigny-Bywater area was plantation land. Then, in the early 1800’s, it became New Orleans’ first subdivision. And today, it’s a gay-friendly neighborhood with a vibe as colorful as the artwork found hanging in Jackson Square.

So, in the spirit of exploration and libation, I’ve created this fun Selfie Scavenger Hunt to help you do just that.


Decipher eleven fun clues that will take you on a tour of the Marigny-Bywater in fewer than two hours. (If you want to go slower, be my guest. But scavenger hunts with a time limit are always more fun.) At each spot, snap a selfie with you and your boo. Then, upload the photos to create a cool flip book of your day together, or frame the best of the bunch and make a photo collage for your wall. It’s a fun way to seize every moment when you’re here.

Mural in the marigny.
A cool mural you’ll find in the Bywater. (Photo: Rebecca Radliff)


These guys won't be able to take their eyes off you.
These guys won’t be able to take their eyes off you. (Photo: Rachel Wilson)

1. The horns found in this place don’t make a sound. Although, if you were to lean against one of them you might make one.

2. Walk 19 paces (that’s scavenger hunt lingo for “steps”) to a woman so blue she’s in pieces. And don’t try to tell her any jokes, because no matter how many you tell, she won’t even crack a smile.

3. This place swears they make the hottest Bloody Mary’s around. So if a 7-alarm fire is bad, try having a 940-alarm fire in your mouth.

4. Don’t look high. Look low. And you might see a rainbow in a neutral spot. Walk 25 paces to cross the rainbow bridge.

5. What type of bird can rise again from the ashes? Figure that out and you deserve a tasty beverage.

6. Play Ring around the Rosie with these fine looking, bronzed gentlemen.

7. Say hello to these golden mane gods. Alternately Known As: The Cowardly Lion and his pal, Jeff. And then walk 35 paces to meet all their “friends”. 

The Cowardly Lion and His Pal Jeff
The Cowardly Lion and Jeff laughing at a funny joke. (Photo: Rachel Wilson)

8. Find the street where “St. Ferdinand” lives and spot a hot pink wall filled with mosaic murals that will capture your fancy and your imagination.

9. Take a photo where not only the fat lady sings, but also where Solange Knowles got married.

10. Find the bridge that looks like a large wagon wheel. Walk up to the crest of the bridge and take in the view.

11. This “country club” doesn’t have a golf course, but you’ll still have a ball here. Order their version of a Pimm’s Cup with a side of crawfish beignets.

The Country Club - Campari Radler and Melon Baller Cocktails
Grab a refreshing drink and cool off in the pool at the Country Club. (Photo: Paul Broussard)

(Key: Horns, Mosaic of a Woman With Blue Hair Across the Street From Horns at a Diagonal, Mag’s 940, Rainbow Painted Crosswalk in the Neutral Ground, The Phoenix Bar, Gold Lion Statues, Friendly Bar, True Mosaics, Marigny Opera House, Crescent Park, The Country Club)

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