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NOLA on $30: LGBT Edition

Crescent Park (Photo: Paul Broussard)

GoNOLA challenged me to go explore New Orleans with only $30 to spend for the whole day. With a history rich in LGBT culture, New Orleans is full of museums, bars, and restaurants to fill your day. This is how I spent my day and my money. There’s so much more to explore in the city, but this is a start.

What I Did

I started off my afternoon with a trip to the iconic Rusty Rainbow Bridge, one of the entrances to Crescent Park. Although it wasn’t my first time here, as I approached the top of the bridge, I was still taken aback by the beauty of the New Orleans skyline against the background of the Mississippi River. The park isn’t only known for its mesmerizing view, but is also a great place to go for a bike ride or a walk. Running Total: $0 ($30 Remaining)

Mardi Gras Museum (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

One of the great things about this walk is that after traversing the length of the whole park, you end up only a single block from the French Quarter. Although the Quarter is full of so many amazing activities, I had to pick just a few – and my first stop was the Mardi Gras Museum. The museum is one of my favorites in the city because it’s cozy yet hardly ever crowded. There are so many costumes from Mardi Gras past – including balls and famous floats. They even have a costume closet where you can try stuff on and imagine it’s Mardi Gras season no matter what time of year it is! Running Total: $12 ($18 Remaining)

After I left the museum, I continued to stroll through the French Quarter admiring the architecture along the way and finally made my way to 1014 Dumaine St. – the last residence of world-famous playwright Tennessee Williams. Although I didn’t go inside, it was still great to see the home of one of the greatest LGBT writers of all time, who is known for works such as A Streetcar named Desire and A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Running Total: $12 ($18 Remaining)

Clover Grill (Photo: Zack Smith)

Next, I walked a quick two blocks to Clover Grill to grab something to eat. If you’re looking for fast, affordable, and tasty diner food in the Quarter, this is definitely the spot. A huge added bonus is that Clover Grill is right across from Cafe Lafitte in Exile (the oldest gay bar in America) and is host of the Mascara Run (a hilarious drag event held during Memorial Day Weekend). Today I decided to get a chicken burger, which ran me only $8. Running Total: $20 ($10 Remaining)

The balcony at Good Friends Bar (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

Finally, I ended my evening at one of my favorite spots in the city: upstairs at Good Friends. This gay bar is only a block off of Bourbon Street, but always has a local feel. I ordered my go-to cocktail for $5 and enjoyed it on the balcony. With my money left over, I treated myself to a beer and left the rest as a tip. Running Total :$30 ($0 Remaining)

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