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Gonola TV

Frenchmen Street (the one and only!) on goNOLA TV

Video Transcript 

Fleurty Girl: Hey, it’s Fleurty Girl with another edition of GoNola TV and
if you’re visiting New Orleans and you want to see real authentic New
Orleans music, hike to French Man Street. One of the favorite places to
hang our for me and lots of locals is the Spotted Cat. Let’s go check
things out.

Spotted Cat Guest: Everyone we’ve known who’s come to New Orleans, we have
them write lists of things to do and this goes on everybody’s list for
music so that’s why we’re here.

Fleurty Girl: One of the best parts of the French Man Street is you can
just take one cab ride out here or walk here from your hotel and everything
is on the street. From the food, the street vendors. They got taco trucks,
they got great restaurants. Along with these places to see great music.
It’s a world away from Bourbon Street. No cover bands here. Just authentic
New Orleans music and you’ll see taxi cabs up and down the street all night
long, and even on a day of the week as dead as a Monday, you can still hear
lots of music coming out of everywhere here on French Man Street. Well that
wraps this edition of GoNola TV and we’ll see you next time, darling.

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