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Gonola TV

Won Over by WINO: Wine Institute of New Orleans

W.I.N.O. from on Vimeo.

610 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 324-8000
Video Transcript 
Fleurty Girl: Well, if you love wine, then you are going to feel like a
kid in a candy store here at W.I.N.O. It was voted as the best place to get a
glass of wine in New Orleans.Wino Guest 1: I’ve been to California and all over the world, and I’ve
never seen a place like this. I would highly recommend anybody that comes
to New Orleans.Wino Speaker: The Opus 1 is this one right here. It’s Opus 1. It’s $17 for
a little tiny drink of it.Fleurty Girl: You’re kidding.Wino Speaker 1: And it was worth every penny.

Wino Speaker 2: Well, you put your card in.

Wino Speaker 3: Oh, she got a big one.

Wino Speaker 4: She got ten cents worth.

Fleurty Girl: Was it worth $3.60?

Wino Speaker 3: Absolutely.

A7: You just go around. There are 120 different wines to taste, so 80 up
front and 40 in the back.

Fleurty Girl: It’s here in the warehouse district, the wine institute of
New Orleans, a great place to come taste, discover, and shop. I also hear
they’re now serving lunch. Well, I’m Fleurty Girl, and this wraps up
another edition of GoNola TV, and we’ll see you next time, darling.

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