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My NOLA: 20 Questions with Langston Galloway

The Louisiana-born NBA All-Star shares his favorite places to eat and explore in the Crescent City.

Langston Galloway has a long history with New Orleans. Not only is he a current resident of the Crescent City, but he was born in nearby Baton Rouge. After getting his start in the NBA on the New York Knicks in 2014, Galloway returned home to Louisiana in 2016 to play for our very own Pelicans. With the recent announcement of his transfer to the Sacramento Kings, Galloway will be leaving the Crescent City once again. But whenever he comes back to visit, we bet you can find him chowing down at Domenica or catching bands on Frenchmen Street. Keep reading for all of his favorite things to do in New Orleans.

20 Questions with Langston Galloway

1. Who is your favorite New Orleanian, dead or alive, real or imagined?

Louis Armstrong. He really embraces what New Orleans is. He influences all of our amazing music, and even our airport is named after him.

2. What first brought you to New Orleans?

I’m from Baton Rouge, so I’ve been close to New Orleans for my whole life.

This grouping of townhouses along Camp Street across from St. Patrick's Church takes us back to the old Faubourg Ste. Marie, one of the original New Orleans suburbs, now a part of downtown New Orleans. This group of buildings is frequently seen in films and television shows, often times masquerading for New York City.
New Orleans’ Warehouse District. (Photo: Paul Broussard)

3. In your opinion — what’s the best neighborhood in New Orleans? (Why?)

I’d say the Central Business District, Warehouse District, and French Quarter are the best… they’re all filled with so much history.

4. If it’s a beautiful day, where are you going to spend it?

It’s hard to choose because there’s so much to do. But usually on a beautiful day in New Orleans, my wife and I will just enjoy being outside. We love to relax by the Riverwalk. Or, you’ll find us on a rooftop around town enjoying the scenery.

5. Describe the best meal you’ve eaten in New Orleans.

Something savory and delicious…definitely a crawfish éttouffée, maybe with catfish.

6. Where’s your favorite brunch spot? 

There are too many to choose.

7. What’s your favorite type of po-boy? Where do you get it?

Shrimp po-boy, probably from Drago’s. Or, an oyster po-boy — you can’t go wrong with an oyster po-boy.

St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square are alive with springtime blooms. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)
St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)

8. You’ve got friends visiting, and it’s their first time in New Orleans — where are you taking them?

I have to take them to the French Quarter and show them around Jackson Square for people watching, live music, and art.

9. What’s your favorite neighborhood bar? 

I don’t do a lot of hanging out at neighborhood bars. You’ll usually find my wife and I hanging out at home instead.

10. What is your favorite New Orleans cocktail, and where do you go to get it?

Not really a cocktail guy, so I can’t answer this one.

11. What’s your favorite dessert or sweet treat in the city?

Right now everyone’s talking about king cake, but I can’t indulge until after the (basketball) season.

Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)
Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)

12. Best spot to see live music?

Frenchmen Street is my go-to. You can walk into any bar on any night of the week and find incredible musicians.

13. Favorite New Orleans musician or band?

It’s hard to choose. I’d always say it’s best to just walk on Frenchmen and drop in where you like the sound of the band best.

14. Favorite New Orleans festival?

By far — Zulu during Mardi Gras. I love the coconuts, the energy, and the atmosphere.

Riders pass out coveted coconuts during the Zulu parade. (Photo: Cheryl Gerber)
Riders pass out coveted coconuts during the Zulu parade. (Photo: Cheryl Gerber)

15. What’s your ideal New Orleans date night?

One of my favorite date nights with my wife is to head to the Canal Place movie theaters, where you can lay back in big, comfortable chairs and order food and drinks while you watch a movie. Domenica is also one of our favorite spots for a date night — great atmosphere, great food, and great music playing.

16. What are your favorite local shops?

Again, I love the shops at Canal Place — so many options in one place.

17. What is your favorite New Orleans museum?

The National World War II Museum is one of my favorites. It has so much history and always has a ton of cool exhibits going on. It’s a great place to take visitors to as well.

18. Where do you go to watch The Saints play?

I’m a huge Saints fan, so if I’m not at Walk-On’s during a game, you’ll definitely find me cheering in the stands somewhere.

19. Describe New Orleans in one word.

I’m going to change it to two words: family-oriented.

20. When was the last time you fell in love with New Orleans, and why?

All the time – it’s one of the best places to live. It has everything from food to music to sports.

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