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25 Gifts Under $25

This holiday season, consider buying gifts that really show you care about the loved ones on your list, as well as the local New Orleans arts community.

This holiday season, consider 25 unique and affordable gifts made by New Orleans artists that are sure to wow everyone on your list—your music-loving dad, your sophisticated boss, your cuisine-obsessed friend, and many more. And, when you buy through Where Y’Art, 90% of the total sale goes directly into an artist’s pocket—so you’ll be shopping local and supporting the arts, all while staying within your budget!

25 gifts under $25 from local NOLA artists

1. NOLA Map Zipper Bags ($25), designed and hand-sewn by multi-media artist Jill Shampine—with options for different colored zippers and interiors to ensure your little bag is one-of-a-kind.

Zipper bags from artist Jill Shampine.

2. Raw amethyst pendant necklaces ($23), by Rebecca Bordelon of Valois Designs, available in four different chain colors. Amethyst is known for its positive energy and healing properties.

FullSizeRender 16_2016-01-06-15-13-07
Valois Designs necklaces.

3. Whimsical prints of Jordan B. Wade’s “Alligator Po-Boy, and Make it Snappy” ($20), originally created for the 2016 Oak Street Po-Boy Fest.

Print from artist Jordan B. Wade.

4. Illustrator Leeaux 3’s elegant and expressive “3 – Bee” prints ($20), taken from her #inktober series, created in order to bring awareness to bee health.

A “3-Bee” print.

5. “Beautiful Music” pendant necklaces ($22), made with vintage sheet music by Emily McDonald of Coralie Jewelry—a perfect gift for any music-lover!

Coralie Jewelry pendants.

6. Letter press prints for a great cause from mixed-media artist Devin DeWulf’s painting “Louisiana: People Stronger than Water” ($25). All proceeds go to the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana, to help re-stock school supplies in classrooms impacted by recent flooding.

Art from Devin Dewulf.

7. Beautiful marbled magnets ($7 each) that began as handmade parade throws by printmaker Tish Douzart. Each incorporates handprinted marbled paper beneath a glass cabochon.

Handmade marbled magnets.

8. Prints ($20) of artist Kersey Barrett-Tormey’s “Blues”—a playful and evocative addition to any room!

A print from artist Kelsey Barrett-Tormey.

9. One-of-a-kind ornaments ($25) from artist and designer Caitlin Waugh, founder of Paraph—with options for parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano, each kiln-fused beneath glass and set into copper wire.

Caitlin Waugh ornament.

10. “The Holiday” prints ($20) by mixed-media artist Nancy Wolfe Kimberly of Gator Girl Art, to give expression to the many nuanced emotions surrounding the holiday season.

The Holiday_2016-11-05-12-57-09
A print from Gator Girl Art.

11. Framable notecards ($6.50 each) from painter Stephanie Reed’s “Locally Grown” series, inspired by her time working for New Orleans’ Hollygrove Farm and Market.

A notecard from artist Stephanie Reed.

12. Beautifully dynamic prints ($20) of artist Nurhan Gokturk’s live drawing of the famous Carousel Bar in New Orleans.

A rendering of the Carousel Bar & Lounge.

13. Colorful and seasonal photographic collage prints ($15) by artist Muffin Berstein—inspired by traditional Tibetan mandalas and the artist’s backyard satsuma tree.

A satsuma mandala print.

14. Cypress and honey travel candles ($24), handmade by social entrepreneur and founder of Goods that Matter Tippy Tippens. 10% of the proceeds from these wonderfully-smelling candles go to improving bee health.

Cypress and honey candles.

15. Hand-made clutches ($25) designed by Jennifer Rowe, founder of Pieces & Patterns—with fabric inspired by the “purple heart” plant and a hand-dyed leather strap.

A Jennifer Rowe clutch.

16. Unique hand-drawn notecards ($6 each) from artist Sondra Venable, inspired by both Robert Indiana’s famous “LOVE” sculpture and 15th-century illuminated manuscripts.

Sondra Venable notecard.

17. Prints ($20) of artist Tony Hollums’ “Upright Bass Player,” an expressive ink and watercolor illustration taken from his series on musicians and the sounds they create.

“Upright Bass Player” by Tony Hollums.

18. Blown-glass curly flowers ($25) from Teri Walker and Chad Ridgeway of Ridgewalker Glass—with customizable colors to mix and match!

13. CurlyFlowers_2013-12-01-22-11-02
Ridgewalker Glass designs.

19. Porcelain ring dishes ($25) by Karin Burt of The London Clayworks—perfect for jewelry or whatever else you want this dainty dish to hold!

Ring dish from The London Clayworks.

20. Prints that really pop—from artist Drew Cooke’s sculptural Pineapple Series ($18).

Sculptural pineapple print.

21. Luxurious floral notecards ($12 for 3) from photographer Ashley Merlin—with three flowers to choose from, available in customizable packs of three.

Ashley Merlin © 2015.
Ashley Merlin notecards.

22. Digital prints ($25) of mixed-media artist Kate Hanrahan’s “Anhinga,” a striking example of her work incorporating elements of magical realism and narrative.

Kate Hanrahan’s “Anhinga.”

23. This colorful homage to Fats Domino—a print ($25) of artist George McClements’ painting “Walking to New Orleans #2,” a vivid example of what he calls “composing with color.”

George McClements’ painting “Walking to New Orleans #2.”

24. Cajun Alphabet prints ($8 each) from artist Jon Guillaume, perfect for the true Louisiana-lover—with every letter available for purchase.

The letter Z from artist Jon Guillaume’s Cajun Alphabet series.

25. Also from Rebecca Bordelon of Valois Designs, charm necklaces ($25) featuring the iconic New Orleans water meter design, available in either bronze or silver.

FullSizeRender 7_2016-11-07-04-08-32
Valois Designs charm necklaces.

Click here to browse the entire collection. This holiday season, consider buying gifts that really show you care—about the loved ones on your list, as well as the local New Orleans arts community!

Where Y’Art is a curated online gallery where shoppers can browse and purchase art from more than 100 New Orleans artists – from painters to sculptors, craftsmen to jewelry designers. In addition to shopping, the website and the gallery offers an opportunity to get to know New Orleans artists and the story and inspiration behind each piece, message directly with the artists via the platform, navigate galleries by New Orleans neighborhood and more.

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