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GoNOLA Find: The New Orleans Tattoo Museum

new orleans tattoo museum
The New Orleans Tattoo Museum (photo: via Facebook)

The art of tattooing has existed for well over 5,000 years, and in a city that takes historical preservation very seriously, it makes perfect sense to open a dedicated space to celebrate this ancient art form. This week’s GoNOLA Find is the New Orleans Tattoo Museum and Studio, which is poised to open to the public in its Central City space. The space will have three functions: a private tattoo studio, contemporary tattoo art gallery, and a tattoo museum and archive. The museum will feature locally themed shows with rotating exhibits and permanent installations. So you’ll be able to see history, browse the art gallery, and acquire some ink of your own.

vintage tattoos
Vintage tattoos (photo: via Facebook)

“It started in a snowball kind of fashion. I wanted to create something like a family tree since most of the tattooers and studios in the city can be traced back to two (still living) tattooers,” says owner Adam Montegut. “Then I realized that currently the history of tattooing in New Orleans is oral, being passed down through tattooers and clients by word of mouth. Over time much of the content has been lost or confused in the process. So I figured we have a pivotal moment to document this history with only a handful of older tattooers left from a bygone era.”

The museum is presently working to preserve the stories and history of American electric tattooing from its beginnings to the present, with an emphasis on New Orleans.

The museum officially opens Saturday, March 21 at an event called Folklore & Flash. Click here to RSVP.

Liz Beeson is an adventure-seeking marketing manager in New Orleans who loves the great outdoors and a good cup of coffee. When not plugging away at one of her many side projects, Liz can be found taking in a comedy show and exploring and photographing the many unique neighborhoods in the city.

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