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GoNOLA TV Presents: A Streetcar Named St. Charles

Take a ride down the historic St. Charles streetcar line in New Orleans to take in the rich, beautiful sights as you move between destinations.

With so much going on in New Orleans, sometimes one can lose sight of what an experience just getting from place to place can be. One of the coolest ways to get around town is on the streetcar, and folks have been doing it here for over 150 years! Of our several streetcar lines, the St. Charles streetcar is definitely the most beautiful ride, as St. Charles touts some of New Orleans’ most elegant architecture, not to mention the canopy of live oak trees along the way.

If you get on at the beginning of the line, you’ll get a nice tour through the downtown Central Business District (CBD), and if you don’t hop right off in the CBD to check out some of the galleries and museums, you’ll be taken over to the Garden District, beginning the stretch of Antebellum mansions and historic buildings that continue all the way through Uptown. Towards the end of the line, some of our prestigious universities like Tulane University and Loyola University will catch your eye, sitting right across the street from Audubon Park. With a zoo, bike and walking paths, golfing, and more, Audubon Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities, and is a serene setting for a lovely New Orleans picnic.

If you’re visiting New Orleans, the streetcar is an affordable way to experience one of our cultural cornerstones. Every time you hop back on, it’ll only cost you $1.25, but if you want to hop on and off to explore the galleries and restaurants that you see along the way, get a 1-day ($3) or 3-day ($9) Jazzy Pass! For locals, there’s a 31-day pass, too, so rediscover New Orleans heritage and beauty by cruising around town streetcar style. You can grab a Jazzy Pass from New Orleans Walgreens stores, select grocery stores, or you can buy it right from the streetcar conductor.

Take a look at this episode of GoNOLA TV with host Fleurty Girl as she guides you through New Orleans on the St. Charles Streetcar.

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Video Transcript:

Transport to a different era, just steps from your hotel by taking a ride
on the St. Charles Streetcar Line. If you get on the streetcar in the
French Quarter, the first area that you’ll travel to is our Central
Business District, where you can visit galleries and museums.

After you’ve traveled out of the CBD, you’ll come into the area that we
call the Garden District and that’s where you’ll see a lot of your St.
Charles Avenue mansions. They’re just so majestic and they’re surrounded by
beautiful oak trees.

The streetcar line actually passes lots of shops and restaurants, so if you
want to get off, have lunch, or do a little shopping, get some cocktails,
just hop on and hop off and see New Orleans, as you want to.

When you reach the Uptown Area you can walk around Audubon Park or visit
the universities. It’s about a 40 minute ride from the front of the line
to the end of the line, but it really does take you through different parts
of New Orleans.

The St. Charles Streetcar Line goes all the way down St. Charles to
Carrollton Claiborne. Tickets are $1.25 or you can get a day pass. Now the
best part is when you’re done, you can hop right back on. and it’ll take
you right back to where you started from.

I’m Fleurty Girl, and that wraps up another edition of Go NOLA TV, and
we’ll see ya next time, darlin’!

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