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Jackson Square Artist Spotlight: Annie Walker

First in a series featuring three of the 200 talented Jackson Square artists in New Orleans, starting with painter Annie Walker.

Annie Walker moved to New Orleans 12 years ago and has been here ever since, save for a few summers spent in California. A graduate of both NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts) and Tulane University, she always knew that art is what she was meant to pursue. Upon graduation from college, while working full-time as an art teacher, Annie began to shift her focus from photography to painting.  When the school she was working at closed down, Annie decided to become a full-time artist and obtained her permit to sell at Jackson Square.

All set up at Jackson Square
All set up at Jackson Square

NC:  What do you enjoy most about selling your work at Jackson Square?

AW:  I have been here four years and every year, it only gets better. I feel that since I’m now constantly painting, my work is evolving exponentially. Jackson Square really is an interesting place, a microcosm of how the world works. We all work very hard at what we do and take it seriously. I have learned so much working out here and met people who have not only greatly impacted my life, but will also be a part of it forever. I have gained more confidence in myself and learned how to run my own business; I feel very blessed to make a living doing what I love.


NC:  What most inspires you?

AW:  A lot of my inspiration comes from the ocean and my experiences through traveling. My father has a B.S. in Biology and has always been interested in marine biology.  I grew up sifting through his library of sea life books and have always loved the water. The underwater world and all of its creatures fascinate me: we cannot breathe under water; it is an alien land on our own planet.

I also love using a lot of texture and expressing movement in my paintings through my sculptural and brushwork techniques. As for other artists I find inspiring, I would say Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, the Impressionists, and Salvador Dali.

new orleans art

Jackson Square art



NC:  What is your favorite thing about living and working in New Orleans?

AW:  I absolutely love living and working in the French Quarter. There is nothing else like it in the world! It has its own unique culture, and I feel that by both living and working here, I am contributing to what makes this place so special.


You can find Annie at Jackson Square Friday-Sunday and be sure to also check out her website and Facebook page!

All photos courtesy of Annie Walker.

This is the first installment in a series covering three of the 200 local artists who sell at New Orleans Jackson Square, a cultural epicenter. Conveniently located in the French Quarter between St. Louis Cathedral and Café du Monde, Jackson Square is a place where artists can be found selling their crafts on a daily basis. 

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