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LUNA Fete Brings Fantasy through Light at Gallier Hall

“Keeping it light” is often a necessity during holiday events, whether it’s choosing crudité instead of cupcakes or opting for small talk rather than heated political debates. However, the light option isn’t always the boring one. Starting Nov. 30, the French art collective La Maison Productions will treat audiences to LUNA Fete, an avant-garde light installation incorporating elements of video and sound at Gallier Hall.

terreaux d2
La Maison Productions lit up Place Des Terreaux in Lyons, France and will light up Gallier Hall on Nov. 30. (photo: courtesy Arts Council of New Orleans)

Lights, Chimera, Action

The twice-nightly shows — at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. through Dec. 6 — work beyond simple projection, instead relying on a digital image mapping process to produce fantastical illusions like buildings that collapse and reassemble in mere seconds.

Gallier Hall’s installation will most likely follow the conceptual work of previous La Maison shows. Though starting in France using famed architecture like Notre-Dame in Paris as a backdrop, the production company has lit up Bucharest, Moscow and other parts of the world to surrealistic effect.

Tailored specifically to the venue, LUNA Fete will literally shine a light on Gallier Hall’s iconic architecture and rich history. The building, completed in 1853, served as City Hall for about 100 years and remains a space for civic functions such as mayoral inaugurations and Mardi Gras festivities. The hall’s classic architecture (and primo spot on St. Charles) foils the dizzying, dreamlike spectacle of light.

A rendering of the light installation planned for Gallier Hall (photo: courtesy Arts Council of New Orleans)

Arts Council Connection

Part of a five-year initiative on behalf of the Arts Council New Orleans that culminates in the city’s tri-centennial, LUNA Fete stands for “Light Up NOLA Arts.” In addition to providing an experiential event, LUNA Fete also represents an international partnership that spotlights New Orleans’ role as an arts destination.

With the bubbling festivity of the holidays and a picturesque location, LUNA Fete presents an immersive adventure designed to captivate audiences and delight the senses through its use of illumination and illusion. Past La Maison Production installations told a story through light; we can’t wait to see what the narrative of New Orleans entails.

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