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New Orleans Around the Web

A compilation of articles found around the web about New Orleans, this week from Huffington Post and MSNBC.

Such a lively city like New Orleans with its one of a kind characters and constant action make it a truly news and blog-worthy place. Locals aren’t the only ones obsessed with this town; New Orleans makes headlines on websites across the country. We’ve compiled some of the best ones for you. GoNOLA brings you NOLA Around the Web.

John Besh at the International Food Blogging Conference in New Orleans
The author with Chef John Besh and cookbook author Nancie McDermott at the Food Blogging Conference (

New Orleans and the Whole Food Blogging Thing – In another Huffington Post article, writer Jamie Schler is perplexed and distraught about the roles and responsibilities of food bloggers. Where do you draw the line between expert and amateur? In a quest for reassurance, she decided on attending the International Food Blogger Conference in New Orleans out of a slew of food blogging affairs. While there, she experienced food blogging revelation and a new passion for New Orleans: “I was swept up in the excitement that being in such a breathtaking, sensational city inspired in each of us, the frenzy to discover such a culinary tradition and partake of the edible wonders of this fabled city.”

Pedicabs Hit the Streets of New Orleans – Yesterday, this article from major news network, MSNBC announced the arrival of pedicabs in New Orleans. While vehemently welcomed by city officials, the bicycle-drawn passenger carts so common in Europe are controversial to the great horse-drawn carriages so prevalent in the French Quarter. Mayor Landrieu is excited for the jobs the pedicab companies will create in New Orleans, the article explains. Will it be in with the new, out with the old, or can the old and new happily co-exist?

New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr. on Dolphin Tale
Harry Connick Jr. on the set of Dolphin Tale (

Harry Connick Jr. Talks New Orleans – We are proud to call Harry Connick Jr. a native New Orleanian. The actor and jazz musician was a first responder right after Hurricane Katrina, not to mention he’s a total hunk. In this Huffington Post story from Monday, he discusses his new film Dolphin Tale in which he plays the dolphin doctor and when asked about the rebuilding of post-Katrina New Orleans, he said “not only did we get through it, we prospered and that’s a testament to the spirit of those people.” Right on, Harry.

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