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New Orleans Music: 6 Songstresses to Hear Live

New Orleans boasts a thriving live music scene, with great shows pretty much every night of the week. Next time you’re looking for a great night out or visiting New Orleans, check local music calendars for these ladies who put on shows more than worth the price of admission.

The Original Pinettes Brass Band (photo: Pinettes Facebook page)

Germaine Bazzle

She’s a Jazz Fest staple. On stage she’s fierce and fun. Her voice is rich, and every note she sings makes you want more. Think of all those “Cosby Show” episodes with Clair and Cliff dancing in their living room; Germaine Bazzle could be the soundtrack. There are few singers left with Germaine Bazzle’s elegance and grace.

Erica Falls

She’s funky and she knows it. She’s got a powerhouse voice and has the stage presence to go with it. She could probably sing anything. Her voice shines best singing soul and funk classics. She’s not afraid to get the audience involved. Get ready to sweat.

The Original Pinettes Brass Band

New Orleans’ only all-female brass band can rock a party with the best of them and look good doing it. Young girls who want to play an instrument should watch and learn. These ladies are necessary in the male-dominant brass band culture. Lift your favorite drink and do your dance.

Michaela Harrison (photo: Michaela Harrison’s Facebook page)

Stephanie Jordan

Any woman that can sing Lena Horne classics effortlessly is worth a listen. Stephanie Jordan’s vocals will take you on a jazz journey. Close your eyes, listen, let the magic begin.

Michaela Harrison

She’s known around town for leading community sing-alongs.  Influenced by the legendary group Sweet Honey in the Rock, Harrison’s voice and commitment to musical uplift are sure to pull your spirit out of a funk.

Leah Chase

A timeless jazz voice that fills a room. She’s the namesake and daughter of New Orleans’ renowned chef Leah Chase, but she also serves up a feel-good time for any music lover’s appetite.

Bonus Picks

Rosalie “Lady Tambourine” WashingtonYou never know where she’ll pop up, but when she does she’s a sight to see and a thrill to hear. You’ve probably never heard the tambourine played like this, and you probably never will.

DJ Soul Sister: A James Brown diehard and New Orleans favorite, listen every Saturday night to her Soul Power show on WWOZ and experience one of her HUSTLE dance parties on Saturdays at the Hi-Ho Lounge where she spins vinyl. Yes, vinyl — she does it all the old-fashioned way.

Kelly Harris is a poet and freelance writer and blogs at

Kelly Harris is a Southern girl with Northern roots. By day, you can find her working as an early literacy consultant, handling public relations, and advocating for women; by night, find her eating shrimp and grits. Kelly is the founder of, a site dedicated to New Orleans women of color. She lives with her husband and child, a second-liner in training.

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