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New Orleans Second Lines: When You Hear ‘Em Coming, Get Behind

New Orleans culture stands apart from others in so many ways. It is in our food, in our architecture, but it is also in the rhythm by which we live our lives. Music is the heart of New Orleans, and we use it in celebrating anything and everything. One of our very special traditions is the New Orleans second line.

In this video, our host, Fresh Johnson, walks, or rather struts, us through a New Orleans second line. Both a noun and a verb, a second line is made up of two parts; the first line, or the front, is a brass band playing and marching through the streets. The second line, right behind it, is you and me, and anyone who wants to jump in — dancing, marching, or strutting along behind.

Second lines are common at weddings, jazz funerals, festivals, and really any time a band gets the urge to start marching and playing down the street. Getting in on a second line in New Orleans is the kind of experience that will solidify your love for the city; it’s about community, it’s about togetherness, it’s about celebrating, and it’s about the rhythm of life.

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