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NOLA Neighborhood Style: Bywater

The Bywater is one of New Orleans’ many unique neighborhoods that has a laissez faire mentality and style that you can’t find anywhere else.

My love for New Orleans is long lasting, but I’ll be honest, at times it can be challenging.  When it begins to get just a tad more humid (a temperature my curly hair loves), when you feel the pressure of bikini season, when you’re sad Jazz Fest is over (but there’s always something amazing going on in New Orleans), that’s when you need to force yourself to get out, visit another ‘hood and take it all in! With so many distinct neighborhoods possessing unique cultures all their own, there’s plenty of options.

new orleans style

IMG_1020When you leave the known and venture into the less known is when you truly see. 

This freedom to explore allows one to truly embrace the colorful lifestyles that people lead all around us.  That’s when you realize just how lucky you are to call New Orleans your home (or home for however long you may be visiting).


The Bywater’s name stems from the local telephone exchange in the neighborhood, plus it’s proximity to the Mississippi River. I often come to the river-hugging neighborhood to indulge in a bit of low key culinary perfection at places like Elizabeth’s, Bacchanal, Booty’s and Satsuma Cafe (formerly Coffea).  The neighborhood has a very distinct style both in the laissez faire, entrepreneurial spirit as well as in the residents’ fashion sense.  The theme of color blocking isn’t just for your top and pant combination, it’s taken to a whole new level between architecture and the flora surrounding it.  The Bywater wholly embraces both style and the combination of textures more uniquely than any other neighborhood in the city.

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation for lunch or dinner at one of the fine eateries in the neighborhood (Mariza and Maurepas are amazing as well as the four listed above) and then walk around and take in all the colors, textures, locals, smells and uneven and beautiful sidewalks that make the Bywater…the Bywater.

new orleans bywater

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All photos by Kate Grace Bauer

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