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NOLA Speak: What’s a New Orleans Go Cup?

In case you haven’t heard, in NOLA it is completely acceptable and legal to walk the streets with drinks – and by drinks I mean alcoholic beverages. This whole idea was a foreign concept to me when I first moved here but don’t worry, I quickly adapted to this awesome aspect of living in New Orleans. Need to leave the bar and aren’t finished with your drink? No problem. Allow some of our favorite New Orleans personalities, including Jeremy Davenport, the 610 Stompers, Irvin Mayfield and the Soul Rebels to introduce to you, my favorite NOLA Speak term, the “Go Cup.”

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Video Transcript:

Slab: In New Orleans you can walk the street with drinks, which makes it
probably one of the greatest places in the United States of America. When
you’re walking out of a place, “Can I grab a to-go cup?” Throw it in your to-
go cup, walk out.

Derrick Moss: We’re talking alcohol to go.

Lumar Leblanc: It’s a to-go cup.

Jeremy Davenport: However, you don’t want to bring a glass bottle out, so
most establishments have what we call a go cup, and it’s either a plastic
or cardboard container.

Leblanc: But now that I think about it, that is unique to New Orleans, because
you probably can’t take your drinks out in the street in any other city.

Irvin Mayfield: And we’re the only place with a drive-thru daiquiri shop
where you get your daiquiri in a to-go cup in your car.

Slab: Just want to say, awesome.

Mayfield: You can drive to your destination.

Davenport: You put your drink in and hit the street.

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