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Putting the 2013 New Orleans Jazz Fest on the Map

Maps including the top 20 destinations for every type of Jazz Fest visitor, including foodie, local lover, explorer, family, fest hopper and culture seeker.

Jazz Fest. It’s not just a festival, but perhaps the most dynamic large scale celebration in the world. That’s quite a claim, but the New Orleans Jazz Fest truly has something for everyone. Beyond the music and the food – its most well known attributes – the festival has a uniquely New Orleans culture, is a meeting grounds for many international cultures, and has a culture all its very own. Virtually any type of visitor can come to New Orleans Jazz Fest at the New Orleans Fair Grounds and have an awesome time. That being said, there is so much going on and so many ways to enjoy and experience Jazz Fest that deciding where to start and where to go from there can be difficult. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re coming with the family, for the local experience, to explore the path less traveled, for the food, for the culture, or for a little bit of everything, we have a map for it all.

Because of the magnitude of the seven days of Jazz Fest, we narrowed down our selections to the top 20 destinations for each type of fester. We also included the Jazz Fest art marketplaces including the African Marketplace, Louisiana Folklife Village and Contemporary Crafts on every map because we think everyone will enjoy the one of a kind hand crafted creations from local and regional artists.

Behold: GoNOLA’s Jazz Fest maps for the Local Lover, Foodie, Family, Explorer, Culture Seeker and Fest Hopper. Download them, print them out, and pack them in your festival kit to help guide you on this beautiful journey.

The Local Lover map is pretty straight forward. If you are interested in music, food and culture that’s indigenous to New Orleans and Louisiana, this map is for you.

jazz fest

The Foodie map needs no explanation. If you enjoy eating – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – you’re going to want to hit all of these stops at Jazz Fest.

jazz fest

Jazz Fest is a great festival for the whole family to enjoy. These stops on the Family map will make not just the kids, but the whole family happy.

jazz fest

The Explorer map is for those who want to go off the beaten path. If you want to experience the lesser known parts of Jazz Fest and avoid the big crowds at the headlining acts, this map is for you.

jazz fest

Jazz Fest is also a celebration of culture. Use the Culture Seeker map to find local culture and this year’s Native American celebration.

jazz fest

If you’re a Fest Hopper, then you want a little bit of everything at the fest. Use this map for a holistic Jazz Fest experience.

jazz fest

2013 Jazz Fest Maps

All map designs by Lydia Mulero.

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