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Season of Flight

With this past week’s weather, it seems like summer is officially upon us. And while spring is the season of rebirth, summer (especially in New Orleans) is a time to steep, to hunker down in the viscous air and dig in to visceral climate. Of course, given that our summer lasts, oh about half of the year, sometimes one needs a break from all that. Right now, I’m looking down the long road of humid, lazy days and wishing for just one last leap into the light.

A new exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara’s Julia Street gallery lets me do just that. Paul Villinski’s show, Glidepath, explores metaphors of transcendence and flight through reconfigurations of found objects. Using birds and butterflies made from recycled aluminum cans set against everyday objects, Villinski’s pieces utilize the language of Duchamp’s “readymades” to create evocative, exuberant works.

Paul Villinski's Yes II
Paul Villinski at Jonathan Ferrra Gallery

In the show at Ferrara’s gallery, Villinski’s pieces are staged against the clean starkness of white walls. Birds and butterflies burst from easels and boxes. They urge the viewer on with exhortations of “Yes.” Yes, there’s still time for movement. Yes, there is joy. Yes, we are all lighter than air. The colors are luscious: saturated ultramarine blues and sumptuous warm tones, and the message of the creatures on wing acts as though to lift the viewer up through their sinuous motions. It’s one more chance at transformation. One more opportunity for buoyancy.

Paul Villinski’s Glidepath will be on exhibit April 23- May 31, 2010

The gallery is located at:

400a Julia Street
New Orleans, LA  70130


Gallery Hours:
Monday – Saturday 11 – 5

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