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Take a Week Off from Laundry: New Orleans Art at White & Dirty Linen Nights

I’ve often thought that New Orleans is a city that has something to offer every side of a person, and this is perfectly illustrated by the upcoming events Whitney White Linen Night and Dirty Linen Night.  Whitney White Linen is celebrating its 20th anniversary while Dirty Linen, which started as a spoof event and always happens exactly one week after White Linen, began in 2001.  Though White Linen takes place on Julia Street and Dirty Linen primarily centers around Royal Street, the two events do have this in common: they both support local artists and the New Orleans arts community and they each offer you a great opportunity to put on some (literally) cool threads and enjoy great company, food, and entertainment!

whitney white linen night new orleans
Whitney White Linen Night in New Orleans

White Linen Night

Official Name: Whitney White Linen Night

Details: The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) of New Orleans hosts this annual event; admission is free and food, drinks, and entertainment will be on-site.  Vendors include GG’s Dine-O-Rama, MOPHO, Pinkberry, and SoBou, among others.  Bring cash!

When:  August 2, 2014, 6-9 p.m.

Where: Julia Street (200-600 blocks); For a list of participating galleries, visit the New Orleans Arts District website.

Dress Code:  White linen is encouraged as a nod to what New Orleanians wore in the pre-air conditioning days, but it is not required; other light-colored fabrics are often worn.  You are welcome to wear whatever you want.

Visit several art galleries in one night on Whitney White Linen Night (photo by Cheryl Gerber)
Visit several art galleries in one night on Whitney White Linen Night

Afterparty: $10 gets you admission to the CAC before, during, and after White Linen Night and includes the afterparty.  There will be DJ sets by DVRA and Bouffant, Bouffant.

For more information on the after party, visit the CAC website.

Dirty Linen Night

Official Name: Dirty Linen, One Hot Night

Details: Put on by the Arts Council of New Orleans, Dirty Linen showcases some of the most historic shops and galleries in the city.  Admission is free and there will be food trucks, drinks, and entertainment.

When:  August 9, 2014 6-10 p.m.

Where: Royal Street (200-1000 blocks), Dutch Alley (912 N Peters), and  Jackson Square

Dress Code:  Wear your unwashed linen from White Linen Night!  Or don’t!  Like White Linen Night, there is no enforced dress code.  Red Dress Run is the morning of August 9, so you will also see revelers still clad in red dresses.

Afterparty:  $30 is all it takes to continue the party at Latrobe’s, where you can enjoy complimentary cocktails while mingling with performers from Crescent City Circus and Dancing Grounds.

For more information, visit the Arts Council of New Orleans website.

Photos by Cheryl Gerber

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