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Thanksgiving Thankfulness, GoNOLA Style

This Thanksgiving, the GoNOLA team talks about why they are thankful to live in New Orleans, from the French Quarter to the Jazz Fest Fairgrounds to poboys, gumbo and Mardi Gras.

The team at GoNOLA would like to wish each and every one of our loyal readers, friends, family members and tireless supporters the best this Thanksgiving.  We are truly blessed to have you in our lives, and we are thankful for the many gifts you give us every day of the year.

But above all, we love this city.  New Orleans speaks to us, and we listen.  We hear brass bands, we see Mardi Gras parades, we smell gumbo cooking, and we feel the vibrations of a deeply soulful and spiritual place to live.  So this Thanksgiving we would like to say a few words about what we love about living in New Orleans.  Thank you for reading them.

The Red Streetcar – I’m thankful to live in New Orleans because it is a place where the strange, the wonderful, the bizarre and the fantastic are the norm. It’s a place where life is not a tedious journey but a glorious celebration. It is a place where days are measured by meals, weeks are measured by Saints games, seasons are measured by festivals.

Brooke Boudreaux – I love living in New Orleans because I get to experience amazing food, music, culture and people every single day. Plus, we have go cups. I am SO thankful for go cups.

Noelle Cantarano – The weather.  I’m from New England and I’m going home for Thanksgiving and I really don’t want to leave the warm weather behind.

Lauren Thom – I’m thankful to live in New Orleans because our roots run deeper than our potholes, our drinks have legs and everybody knows where you got ‘dem shoes.

Shercole King – I love living in New Orleans because on every street I can talk to random people like we were best friends for life.  And I love the fact that I can find multiple places with shrimp pasta.

Martha Alguera – I love New Orleans because its raised me, nourished me and has given me strength throughout my entire life. No where else in the world can we hear and taste the things we can here in this city. I love Mardi Gras Indians, roast beef po-boys, bounce music,The Meters , Christmas in the Oaks, Mid-City, the Saints, crawfish boils, Endymion, Brocatto’s ice cream, Jazzfest – this list could go on forever.  I love New Orleans because no matter where I go, there is STILL no place like home.

Danielle Gilyot – I love New Orleans because where else can you hug, talk to, dance with, even kiss people that you’ll never see again in life because of the football team winning, the brass band playing or the parade going by?

Sunny Dawn Summers – I am thankful every time brass bands magically pop up on the corner of Chartres and Frenchmen. I am thankful for large, beautiful trees that reach simultaneously to the ground and the sky. I am thankful for delicious po-boys and cold, cold beer. I am thankful for parades and street-dancing and colorful costumes. I am thankful that you are my home.

Team Groovescapes – I’m thankful to live in New Orleans because it is the only remaining city in the US, and, arguably, the world, where jazz still shapes culture and influences daily life.

Stephen Maloney – I love po-boys, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Bayou St. John, eating cold Popeye’s on the neutral ground waiting for Bacchus, Rebirth at Maple Leaf, music on Frenchmen Street, walking along the Mississippi River with my girlfriend, City Park, Mid-City, and Rock N Bowl.  This is where my friends and family are, this is where I grew up, and this is where I want to grow old.

Christy Lorio – I always feel welcome in New Orleans, no matter where I am. I love my hometown and am so glad that it is appreciated by so many others.

McClain Johnson – I’m thankful for the amazing culture and joy that exists only in NOLA.

Andy Kutcher – I’m thankful to live in New Orleans because every day something’s different.  The week of Thanksgiving I can wear a skirt and a cardigan and be perfectly comfortable.  God bless iced coffee!

Ed Branley – I’m thankful for the strong sense of family and community we have in New Orleans. It’s what enables us to play the hand we’re dealt with respect to the weather and environment as we live in the best city in the world.

Andrew Larimer – I’m thankful that over the last five years New Orleanians have worked so hard as one huge family to make our city better than ever!

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