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What’s New at Jazz in the Park? Treme Art Exhibit

A home for music, food vendors, and spontaneous second lines, Jazz in the Park is also an informal exhibit space for local art vendors. Now, it has a formal component, too.

This year, the free annual concert series simultaneously hosts Treme Art Exhibit. Spotlighting artists from Treme, the area where so much of jazz culture originates, only makes sense, says Aaron Blanks, curator of the exhibit. “We have over 200 years of this being the jazz corner of the world,” he says.

In this video, host Fresh Johnson explores the art exhibit, speaking with Jazz in the Park founder Emanuel Lain, artist Sheleen Jones, and Blanks along the way.

Stop by during Jazz in the Park on Thursday evenings starting April 16, or go on an off day: the exhibit is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.


Fresh Johnson: Since it started, Armstrong Park’s free concert series Jazz in the Park has shown off the unique culture of New Orleans. For the seventh season, they’ve added an art exhibit celebrating Treme, the neighborhood where so much of that culture comes from.

Aaron Blanks, Curator, Treme Art Exhibit: The exhibit is going to be about capturing and featuring the people of Treme.

Sheleen Jones, Artist, Treme Art Exhibit: Showing the people who are living here now how important their history is.

Emanuel Lain, Founder, Jazz in the Park: The Treme is one of the oldest African American neighborhoods in the country.

Aaron Blanks, Curator, Treme Art Exhibit: It’s important to celebrate this because we have over 200 years of this being the jazz corner of the world.

Emanuel Lain, Founder, Jazz in the Park: We wanted to highlight what makes Treme such a special place to live and work and play. We have 25 visual artists that are participating in this exhibit. We have 32 images from the Treme highlighting the people, places, and the culture.

Sheleen Jones, Artist, Treme Art Exhibit: Often times we just go through our daily lives not realizing the beauty around us. So I guess it’s another opportunity to see what we have to offer here in the city.

Fresh Johnson: The exhibit will be on display from Tuesday to Sunday at the Jazz Compound. That means you can either stop by during one of the Thursday night concerts or come to Armstrong Park on an off day just to see the art. I’m Fresh Johnson for GoNOLA TV. We’ll see you there.

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