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Germany Meets New Orleans at Oktoberfest 2012!

Oktoberfest in New Orleans offers a chance to experience German food, music, and culture at local German establishments Deutsches Haus and Broussard’s!

I was lucky enough to grow up in Germany, and I couldn’t be fonder of both my childhood memories and the rich, hearty food that is customary there. Schnitzel, bratwurst, the smell of German beer, sauerkraut … mmm, I miss all of it! Once a year, for those of us who can’t afford an annual trip to Munich, New Orleans puts on its own Oktoberfest. The two major venues involved are Deutsches Haus and Broussard’s, an upscale French Quarter restaurant.

That would be my dad and a whole lotta bier!

Broussard’s: Master Chef Gunter Preuss is German, and the restaurant typically does something during the month of October to share and honor that heritage. This upcoming weekend, October 6-7, there will be a special German menu offered, as well as beer and a costume contest! Check out the Broussard’s Web site for the menu and additional information.

deutches haus new orleans
Oktoberfesters wearing traditional garb at Deutsches Haus! (Photo courtesy of

Deutsches Haus: Established in 1928, this place is the go-to for German culture in the New Orleans metro. NOLA and its surrounding “river parishes” became home to many German settlers, beginning in the 1700s, but over time the culture has become somewhat blended with that of the local Cajuns. Deutsches Haus helps to preserve the German culture itself – they house cultural artifacts, provide German lessons to the community, and host various events throughout the year. The official schedule for Oktoberfest, which will be held in Kenner, can be found on the Deutches Haus Web site. There will be three weekends of dancing, beer and wine tastings, live music, and food. This year also marks their first annual Oktoberfest 5K, sponsored by the New Orleans Track Club. (NOTE: If you act fast you can take advantage of the local Groupon for 58% off tickets to Oktoberfest, but there are a limited amount available, so if you are interested, don’t delay!)

Check out the comprehensive listing of all Oktoberfest events in the city!

Happy festin’ and remember: Hilft das Bier gegen den Durst, stilt den Hunger eine Wurst! (If beer quenches thirst, a sausage quells hunger!)

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