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Weekday Wonder: Wednesday at the Square

Food and drink vendors at Wednesday at the Square (Photo: Paul Broussard)

When next Wednesday rolls around, my suggestion would be to leave work early and go have a beer in the park while sitting on the grass, listening to live, local music and coincidentally seeing half of your friends from around the city.  You might think that your boss won’t like this kind of behavior, but the good news is that your boss will probably be there, too (well, maybe that’s good news), because next Wednesday is the launch of one of the greatest inventions of mankind: Wednesday at the Square (WATS).

WATS is a 12 week series of music, food, and great people, all gathering at Lafayette Square in downtown New Orleans.  And not only is next week the launch of this glorious weekly event, but to make it even better, Anders Osborne is headlining.  If you’ve never seen him play music, you need to.  If you have seen him, then you already know.

To get a better idea of what the event really consists of, check out our Wednesday at the Square video that highlights everything WATS has to offer.  Considering how popular the event is, lines begin to form at the concession stands and beer trucks.  BUT, an easy solution exists!  WATS offers  the option to purchase tickets online for food and drink, so you can show up to the event and skip the ticket line – giving you more time to hang with friends, listen to music, and eat some amazing food.

Another tip, with the event being so popular – and especially since it is held downtown – parking can be an issue.  There is parking available at the metered spots in the downtown area, but considering it’s a weekday and WATS begins before most 9-5ers leave the city, parking is tough.  Bicycling is probably the best way to arrive, not to mention that you get VIP style parking right at the edge of the park.

This fun-filled event is hosted by the Young Leadership Council and  is sponsored by many of the heavy-hitters around town, which brings me to something that has not been addressed yet.  It’s free. Ninety-nine percent of the time you’d be shelling out your hard earned cash for something this good, but keep those dollar bills for a Jazz Fest ticket or a new pair of running shoes. This one is on the house.

Although it seems like a long ways away now, this weekly music festival that’s fun for all ages only goes until May 22.  And every year, it’s over long before you want it to be.  So be sure to get out there and take advantage of it while you can, because being able to see this many great musicians for free can’t last forever. Unless maybe you’re in New Orleans.

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