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The Best Costume Shops in New Orleans

There is always a reason to dress up in New Orleans, whether it’s for a holiday or for any occasion, and we have plenty of great costume shops.

Friends gather in costume (Photo: Zack Smith)

New Orleanians will find any reason to put on some gold lamé pants, slap on a little face paint, and top it with a wig. This is a city of individuals who are characters, and we still find it perfectly acceptable to embrace all kinds of masks throughout the year. If you break down the year starting in January, you’ve got the end of football season, which rolls into Mardi Gras, then into Jazz Fest. Summertime brings Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, White Linen Night, and then with fall comes Halloween and the holidays. There’s always a reason to dress up in NOLA, whether it’s Halloween or just another day of the week.

Fifi Mahony’s wigs are a must-stop shop for your next Halloween costume (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

1. Fifi Mahony’s | 934 Royal St.

No Halloween costume is complete without a wig, and Fifi Mahony’s is the place to get one. Since 1997 this establishment has been expertly fitting wigs based on their customers’ costuming needs. Whether you need a wig for Halloween or just want to rock one for your French Quarter adventures, you’re sure to find something at this local shop.

2. Uptown Costume and Dancewear | 4326 Magazine St.

Sandwiched between one of the city’s best oyster restaurants (Casamento’s) and a throng of antique malls and women’s retailers, Uptown Costume and Dancewear takes the cake as being one of the most comprehensive costume shops in the city. With a wide variety of pretty much everything, Uptown Costume should be your first stop when shopping for essentials.

3. Southern Costume Company | 951 Lafayette St.

Want to rent a costume from a movie filmed in New Orleans? Southern Costume Company is the place for you. With costume rentals for all occasions, you’ll feel like a movie star just walking into the place. If you’d rather be original, they offer custom costume services, tailoring services, and supplies. Everyone will be asking you where you got your costume this Halloween.

Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing and Costumes (Photo: Justen Williams)

4. Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes | 4204 Magazine St.

I. Love. Miss. Claudia’s. I have always been a fan of this store for my thrifting and vintage escapades and I find it to be a goldmine for costume shopping. It’s right across from the delicious Magasin Vietnamese restaurant on Magazine Street, and, while it’s unassuming on the outside, inside is a treasure trove of goodies.

5. Funky Monkey | 3127 Magazine St.

Funky Monkey is wonderful for many different reasons. It’s a resale boutique for the majority of the year, but around our seasonal costume times, it turns into a fully functioning costume shop. Located on Magazine Street, it’s central to great shopping. I especially love the shoes, accessories, and vintage ballgowns that Funky Monkey gets in.

6. Buffalo Exchange | 4119 Magazine St.

Buffalo Exchange is another resale boutique which functions as a great last-minute costume emporium. What’s great is you can kill multiple birds with one stone: clean out your closet, bring in a few clothes to trade, and get a credit towards a stellar Halloween costume.

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