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GoNOLA Tops: Yoga Studios in New Orleans

Yes, Yoga (Photo: Zack Smith)

New Orleans is filled with around-the-clock activity and entertainment, so feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon. Surrounded by constant music, abundant food options, and endless buzz, finding a peaceful space to be able to breath for as short as 45 minutes is a necessity. Even on the colorful streets lined with pastel houses, mouthwatering po-boy spots, and the occasional cluster of Mardi Gras beads, you can find yoga studios in New Orleans. Take a break from your busy day exploring the vibrant sights of the city, and stop inside one of our favorite studios to deepen your breath, adjust your alignment, and find your flow.

Yes, Yoga (Photo: Zack Smith)

Yes, Yoga.

On the corner of Cambronne Street and Oak Street, Yes, Yoga is the perfect little oasis for a sweat sesh. All the classes are a guaranteed workout that will make you forget all about the busyness outside. Classes are taught in a heated, dark room and include hot vinyasa, yin yoga for a restorative experience, bikram classes, and more. Drop in for $20 at 8338 Oak St.

Free To Be

Step away from the excitement of Magazine Street and into this sanctuary for a strengthening practice. For the ambitious and ready to move, Free To Be will not only leave you wanting more, but also drenched in sweat and feeling great. The fast-paced classes incorporate cardio and an ab workout so every part of your body will thank you while you are sitting at a classic New Orleans smorgasbord brunch the next day. Known for their no-music practices, Free To Be embraces the class community to feed off of its students’ energy. Drop in for $20 or join a community class for $12 at 4609 Magazine St.

Reyn Studios

Step inside this stunning studio, and you’ll never want to leave. The large wooden room with windows facing the street is the picture perfect spot for perfecting your crow pose. Located in the Central Business District near Lee Circle, Reyn serves as the perfect break in a day of walking around, visiting museums, and going to the best restaurants downtown. Make sure to check out the wellness studio and shop on the ground floor for a full wellness and self care retreat. Join a drop-in class for $25 at 725 Magazine St.

The Church of Yoga (Photo credit Nousha Salami)

The Church of Yoga

Belonging to the Laughing Lotus studios, The Church of Yoga is one of three locations of this donation-based practice. The other locations in San Francisco and New York City follow the same values and practice as the New Orleans Mid-City location. The classes range from level one to level three and include beginners yoga, advanced yoga and live music, and sweat filled, beat-bumping soul flow. Everything is in the details at this spiritual yoga church. The floor is covered with heart-shaped tape indicating where to place your mat and the room looks onto a giant neon prayer-hands sign as the altar. Find your zen and spiritual side at this little oasis that is ensured to throw a little glow into your day. Suggested donations of $10-$15 dollars can be made at the door at 1480 North Rocheblave St.

Freret Street Yoga (Photo credit: Patrick Niddrie)

Freret Street Yoga

For those scared to dive into yoga, Freret Street is the place to start. The core classes range from level one to level three and start with the basics. There are a variety of additional classes offered for more seasoned yogis. Learning the Ropes is a class centered on a unique aspect of Freret Street Yoga – the wall ropes. Ropes attached to the wall are used to help get students deeper in postures and learning the proper alignment for each pose. Located on Freret and Cadiz streets, Freret Street Yoga is in the center of the buzzing Freret Street Corridor amongst a plethora of restaurants and bars. Drop in for $20 or $14 with a valid student ID at 4608 Freret St.

Live Oak Yoga

Live Oak Yoga makes a point to create an inclusive space for not only all levels, but all ages. Located on Magazine Street, the studio is very family-friendly. The family yoga class is for ages 5 and up to create exposure to poses, breathing, and mindfulness. But, if alone time is more your style, try one of their other classes including gentle flow, and yoga for level one, two, and three. Adult drop-ins are available for $18 and children for $10 at 6113 Magazine St.

Wild Lotus

Wild Lotus incorporates all elements of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Their practices can include mantras, poems, philosophies, breathing techniques, and more. With an emphasis on yoga and movement from the heart, gentle yoga options are always available at the studio. Some of these gentle classes include Serenity Yoga which focuses on deepening the breath, stretching, and relaxing exercises, Mellow Flow which includes  a long, gentle warm-up followed by low-impact poses, and Friday Night Chill where you can release all of the stress from the work week and loosen into your postures and breath. Drop in for $20 or try the NOLA Visitor Pass for $50 for a week of unlimited yoga at either studio on 4842 Perrier St. or 2372 St. Claude Ave.

Swan River Yoga hosts its annual Swansgiving class on Thanksgiving (photo courtesy of Swan River Yoga)
Swan River Yoga (Photo credit: Swan River Yoga)

Swan River

Opened right after Hurricane Katrina, Swan River emphasizes bringing together community. This studio offers all types of yoga, including the practice of movement and vocal yoga. The classes are open to all levels and provide options for beginners and those that are more advanced. For something a little different than downward dogs and chair pose, check out their kirtan and kundalini classes which bring together a community of voice in chanting, call and repeat, and breath. With two locations – uptown and Downtown – Swan River provides the yoga experience that will bring anyone back to the roots of yoga. The $18 drop-in price is available at both the 2940 Canal St. location and 5422 Magazine St.

Samantha Slavin was born and bred in New York City and found herself studying at Tulane University in New Orleans. The city has shown her an infinite amount of delicious food, unique music, and a never ending list of places to explore. Whether she is slurping a sno-ball or running in Audubon Park, she is always on the lookout for the up-and-coming places to experience in New Orleans.

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