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New Kids on the Block: The Sculptures of Poydras Street

The Pink Rabbit for New Orleans has a handful of new buddies that will be joining him along the Poydras Street Corridor on April 17. Nestled within the CBD, this street has the bustling feel of any big city but with the added benefit of engaging, intriguing public art, a result of The Helis Foundation-funded sculpture installation series, a partnership between Sculpture for New Orleans and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Yaima and the ball
Yaima and the Ball (Photo courtesy Carole Feuerman)

Several works will rotate out of the exhibition, including Jason Kimes’ two “coin people” statues, Erica Larkin’s “Entrancing,” and Mia Kaplan’s “Swamp Flower,” among others, making room for five sculptures that range from hyper-realistic to allusive of ancient cultures. Meet the quintet:

Kendall Island and Yaima and the Ball

What: New York artist Carole Feuerman’s hyper-realistic, life-size sculptures will have you doing double takes… triple takes… quadruple takes. Seriously, how are these not real?

Kendall island
Kendall Island (Photo courtesy Carole Feuerman)

From the artist’s “Swimmer” series based on real female swimmers, the pair of sculptures has incredibly lifelike details – the sheen of water on the skin; a delicate twirl of hair peeking out from under a swim cap.

Where: On Poydras Street between Magazine and Camp streets

Dorian’s Cross

What: Angular and reflective, Dorian’s Cross is a venerable addition to the sculpture exhibit. Arkansas sculptor Greer Farris created the piece, a modern reference to a knight’s suit of armor.

Greer Farris_Crossroads
Dorian’s Cross (Photo courtesy Greer Farris)

Where: On Poydras Street between Barronne and O’Keefe streets


Photo courtesy Dean Ruck
Ourglass (Photo courtesy Dean Ruck)

What: Connecticut artist Dean Ruck’s Ourglass statue plays with proportion and balance through light-reflecting prisms. The mirrored discs of the statue create a framework that reflects back its surroundings from a variety of perspectives.

Where: On Poydras Street between Loyola Avenue and Lasalle Street


What: A wry interpretation of Michelangelo’s David, the namesake statue from Israeli artist Boaz Vaadia references ancient clay figurines and the stepped architecture of Mesoamerican pyramids.

David (Photo courtesy Boaz Vaadia)

Where: On Poydras Street at Convention Center Boulevard

Even More

Patrick Renner’s 180-foot-long Funnel Tunnel will be installed on Poydras near the Claiborne overpass with Renner on-site to complete it by June 22 – joining Lin Emery’s Octet and David Borgerding’s VOLPANG as the newest additions. 


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