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An Oh-So-Stylish Jazz Fest Survivial Guide

With Jazz Fest upon us and festival season in full swing it’s easy to get burnt (literally) when soaking up the sun, music, food, and libations that come with all day outdoor events. A little preparation goes a long way so sit back and enjoy my list of festival essentials.

5 Jazz fest essentials

1. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. It doesn’t matter how cute you look or how sultry those dance moves are, if your dogs are barking consider yourself done. I was recently won over by Tom’s, a shoe company that is known for their canvas and leather soled slip ons. For every pair you buy Tom’s donates a pair to a child in need. I picked up my red ones from Gnome in the French Quarter. They are so comfortable I could seriously sleep in them.

2. If you are in town visiting or even if you’re local there is no reason to take home a run of the mill souvenir. Smell good and support the local economy by purchasing artisan soaps from Sweet Olive Soap Works.  Ponchatoula strawberries and local honey sourced from Hammond make for succulent suds so fragrant you want to eat them. 

3. When the humidity runs high it’s time to put away the synthetic fabrics and reach for breathable, natural fibers. There’s a reason we have an entire art night dedicated to white linen; it’s comfortable, stylish and makes the summer almost bearable. The higher the quality the better it will look and remember this fabric is meant to be rumpled. Just take it out of your suitcase or closet, forget about the iron, and you are ready to go. Gae-tana’s in the riverbend often has items in stock.

4. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and look cool while doing it. These sunglasses from Shoefty are a cool unexpected shade of grey and the neutral color will complement any outfit.

5. A wide brimmed hat and sunscreen are crucial to looking good and staying healthy. While getting your vitamin D is great don’t go overboard and get mistaken for a crustacean at your next crawfish boil. Many clothing companies are putting spf into their products which is great double protection to your sunscreen.

So take these few little tips from me – you’ll be sure to come out of Jazz Fest looking and feeling just fine!

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