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New Orleans Festival Style: Hers

There is a particular fashion that accompanies festival season in New Orleans – check out our style guide for how to dress for the fests!

There you are, in the middle of a grassy field, sun heating up your bare shoulders, wind whipping about threatening to wrestle with your new panama hat, a cold beer in your hand, friends around and sweet music in your ears.  Is this a dream?  No.  It’s festival season in New Orleans!

Festival fashion has become an entirely new genre of clothing and merchandising for retailers.  The light, breathable, often floral patterned ensembles secure the racks and shelves of many boutiques around town, begging to be worn to French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, Festival International, Oyster Fest, Fortier Fest, Name-That-Fest this year. It’s sometimes hard to pick the perfect outfit for the day because there are so many variables.  Here I’ve outlined quite specifically some of my favorite essentials for festival attending.  As a seasoned vet (I attended all seven days of Jazz Fest last year), I have a go-to list that remains the skeleton to which I add seasonal staples. For example, this season, mirrored Ray Bans are a must along with silver bangles, a panama hat and comfortable pair of metallic flats. Without further adieu, here we go! (Clockwise from top left)

Photo Collage by Kate Grace Bauer

1. Hand Sanitizer (Whole Foods)

2. Burt’s Bees Sunscreen

3. Essie luxe effects nail polish (Walgreens)

4. Casio watch (American Apparel)

5. Ray Ban mirrored aviators  (St. Charles Vision)

6. Canon Camera (Bennett’s Camera)

7. Ladakh snake romper (Abeille)

8. Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar Guitar

Kate Grace Bauer

9. Pollini silver studded sandals (Angelique Shoe)

10. Modern Vice Jett Boots

11. Superga red sneakers

12. Leah Milana cream roll waist maxi skirt (Hemline Magazine)

13. Fringe bikini top

14. Dolce & Gabbana fanny pack

15. DePetra Earrings (

16. DePetra wrap cuff

17. 2 Bandits Silver and turquoise bangles

18. Margaret Elizabeth stone ring (Hattie Sparks)

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