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New Orleans Shopping Guide: Magazine Street

Take a look at a guide to the best shops for men’s fashion, women’s fashion, home goods and children’s clothes and toys on Magazine Street.

Magazine Street has certainly become a hot New Orleans spot in recent years. As someone who grew up in Uptown New Orleans, I have loved watching the six-mile strip grow and become the bustling shopping and dining destination it is today. There are several pockets of shop and galleries grouped together perfect for walking and exploring, but with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Fear not — I have compiled this shopping list of some of our favorite stores in several categories to help you get started, with options from children’s clothes to women’s shoes to men’s fashion and more.

Shopping Along Magazine Street in New Orleans

Men’s Fashion & Grooming

new orleans shop
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Billy Reid – The newest member of the Magazine Street family is famed menswear designer Billy Reid.  I, for one, am a huge fan of Mr. Reid and all of his clothing (note: he also designs women’s clothing and this store is a generous mixture of both).  I’ll go ahead and say it – he’s our generation’s “Ralph Lauren.”  The tailoring on all of his beautiful clothing pieces is superb.

Friend – Parker Hutchinson opened Friend a few years ago and I heard a collective “Ahhhh” from all the men in my world.  He gently introduced New Orleans to stylish and affordable brands like Saturdays, A.P.C., Our Legacy, Eastpack, Burkman Bros. and so many more.  It’s a fantastic store with a great vibe and Parker and all of his friends have a great sense of style.

Aidan Gill – This barbershop of a bygone era is so much more than just a salon for a shave and great conversation. Aidan Gill is the supreme men’s beauty shop.  Full of everything from combs to shaving cream and even socks, Aidan Gill is a hip and clean, not to mention good-smelling, place to go for men’s grooming essentials.


ah ha new orleans
(photo via The Scout Guide)

Women’s Fashion

Ah-Ha – Opened by two very fashionable retail sisters, Alison and Hilary Rubenstein, Ah-Ha has been around since I was a teenager, and it has only gotten better with age.  I love everything about this boutique especially because they seamlessly blend high end with affordable lines to provide fashion pieces that look effortlessly boho  and chic all at the same time.

Angelique – Angelique should probably be one of your first stops simply because the selection will inspire you and the friendly staff is always there to help guide you to the perfect outfit or pair of shoes.


Jewelry and Accessories

marion cage new orleans
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Marion Cage – Marion Cage‘s jewelry is some of the most beautiful and highly wearable pieces of art I’ve ever owned. I get more compliments on my Marion Cage jewelry above all other jewelry I wear. It’s striking, it’s dainty, it’s sincere and it’s impeccably well crafted. Marion is a truly fantastic woman, as well.

Goorin Brothers – Goorin Brothers is a well known hat shop housed in a 200 year-old building that used to be a bank. As the second custom hat shop in the company, you can be assured with a unique and exquisite experience that you will be made to feel just like a local.

Home Goods

Hazelnut – Hazelnut is a home store owned by the famed Bryan Batt, who played (amongst many) the role of Sal in the first several seasons of “Mad Men.” He’s a wonderful gentleman with a keen eye for home accessories and has written a few books along the way. Check out the store and be sure to grab something fabulous from the new Hazelnut private label collection featuring famous images from around the city.

pippen lane new orleans
Find the cutest kids’ clothes at Pippen Lane in New Orleans. (Photo by Kate Grace Bauer)

Rivers Spencer – I recently pulled a few gift items from Rivers Spencer to style a magazine shoot and from the moment my right foot hit the floor of this epic interior design store, I immediately fell in love with just about everything within those four walls. Rivers, the owner, has a great eye for design and sheer luxury and her interior design store is simply superb. At the very least, just go to get inspired.


Children’s Clothes and Toys

Pippen Lane – By far the sweetest store for babies, kids, and tweens in the city, and at a very approachable price-point. Pippen Lane does such a wonderful job of staying relevant and giving the customer exactly what they need and want. Pippen Lane carries a wide array of lines from Anthem of The Ants to Lylian to Ralph Lauren to Tom’s Shoes. It’s a fantastic store with a wonderful and helpful staff.

Magic Box – A toy store to end all toy stores, Magic Box brings the big shopping to you. It’s a wonderful store full of all the items the kids want as well as a great selection of educational toys for all ages.


There are so many wonderful stores on Magazine Street, that we couldn’t cover them all in one place! See the full listing of Magazine Street merchants.

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