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Gonola TV

NOLA Speak: Makin’ Groceries

In this episode of NOLA Speak, we find out from local New Orleans celebrities what it means to “make groceries” in New Orleans.

NOLA Speak should be in an encyclopedia somewhere, if only a New Orleans one, because our local dialect can definitely require translation. This GoNOLA TV episode of NOLA Speak covers the popular New Orleans phrase, “Makin’ Groceries.” Where most other places in America would simple call it “grocery shopping,” it’s in our nature to be different. So when you hear a local say they’re “gonna go make groceries,” that doesn’t mean they’re a farmer. Watch local New Orleans celebrities Bryan Batt, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Fleurty Girl, and 610 Stompers Slab and Mr. Jerome attempt to explain the origin and meaning of Makin’ Groceries.

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