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NOLA Gondola at City Park

Flowers bloom at Big Lake in City Park (Photo: Paul Broussard)

New Orleans is never boring. Seriously, I don’t understand it when anyone ever tells me they are bored around here. How can you be bored? If you are bored, all I can think is that you have yet to realize that there are thousands of possibilities for recreational activities at your fingertips; and there are constantly new things to do popping up every day.

What’s my new favorite activity? The NOLA Gondola. YES. We have another water activity to add to the list. A beautifully crafted gondola is available for rides right here in New Orleans, and her name is Bella Mae.

Guided by Venetian trained gondolier, Roberteaux, you can ride Bella Mae from the old boathouse and through the New Orleans City Park waterways to get beautiful views of the City Park grounds and landscape.

And the prices can’t be beat. They start at $5 per person, per 15 minutes with up to six passengers. Private gondola rides start at $45 for two passengers, for a half hour. Each additional passenger is $10. (Contact Roberteaux at 504-450-4400, for more information on private gondola rides). NOLA Gondola allows for even the most budget-conscious person to have a wonderful experience on the water.

Grab a few friends and you’ve got an easy, inexpensive way to crank up the excitement of any afternoon. You can even pack snacks, wine, champagne or anything else that will make your ride more enjoyable. NOLA Gondola will also cater to couples looking for something a little more special. Be sure to make a reservation with Roberteaux and head out around sunset with that special someone, for a lovely evening. I can promise you will definitely score some romance points with this activity.

Now, tell me again…. Who’s bored?

City Park
1 Palm Drive
New Orleans, LA

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