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Pool to the People: Take a Dip at the Bywater Country Club in New Orleans

The New Orleans Country Club in the Bywater offers a beautifully landscaped backyard complete with a large pool and hot tub as well as a full bar and restaurant.

Recently I had lunch with an old pal of mine who told me she’s having a pool put in her backyard. Of course, I immediately thought, We should become better friends. June is a time for pool fantasies in New Orleans, a thermometer-driven sea change in our thinking. Suddenly we would trade in our charming homes, our light-filled and well-located apartments, family heirlooms and perhaps even our devoted spouses to be among the few, the lucky and the proud: those with pool access. Our hearts also go out to those budget-minded souls staying with friends and relatives during a Big Easy Summer. Pool-less friends and relatives – perhaps you didn’t know.

So if you find yourself thinking you’d pay anything, anything to submerge your body in cool water until your skin shrivels – I say, How about ten bucks?

$10 buys a slice of the sweet life: a single day pass to the immaculate and amply endowed pool at the Country Club in the Bywater. The pass is good any day, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. $15 buys the same, single day pass Saturdays and Sundays. Evening dips are also possible as the pool stays open until 1 a.m. and every day after 5 p.m., a single use pass costs just $8. FYI: There’s an outdoor jacuzzi as well.

Of course, the Country Club is more than just a pool and spa. Located on a particularly lovely area of the Bywater, this very gay-friendly club is home to one of the neighborhood’s most immaculate renovations, an ethereal and elegant neo-Italianate center hall with the kinds of features that distinguishes New Orleans architecture: white columns, shaded porches, gleaming wooden floors, and high, high ceilings. But just so you know – you may find clothing is an ‘option’ at the club. You will have a great time whether you are feeling that care free of not.

In fact, you’ll probably start to feel cooler and perhaps even more wealthy, by simply sitting at the bar (no pass required), which offers drink specials just about every evening. In addition, the front two rooms offer restaurant seating for lunch, dinner and a popular, Mimosa-fueled Sunday brunch. Snacks, burgers, salads and drinks are served on the back veranda as well.

The Country Club
634 Louisa Street, in the Bywater

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