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Algiers Point: The Flip Side of the French Quarter

Algiers Point offers a different side of New Orleans via a short ferry ride from downtown.  There’s a great view of downtown and the New Orleans French Quarter, plus it’s the perfect place to check out fireworks for Fourth of July or New Years Eve.  Hit up some of these hot spots for the real Algiers Point experience.

The Old Point Bar

The Old Point Bar can make you feel like you’re in a juke joint right out of a movie, so it’s no surprise there are frequently production trucks parked outside of it, contributing the New Orleans’ Hollywood South reputation.  The haze of smoke can float through the bar, but you won’t feel stifled, as there is ample seating just outside of the bar, where you can enjoy the levee while drinking down a cold one. There are a variety of live bands playing around four nights a week, and as with most bars in the city, a group of regulars putting in some serious time.  The selection of beer is great and the bartenders are always friendly. Go in to the Old Point Bar a few times over the course of a month and you’ll be remembered.

The Dry Dock Cafe greets you straight off of the ferry, welcoming you in for seafood straight off the boat. It’s a low-key spot to grab some quality fried catfish or shrimp remoulade.  The service is down-home, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with the crush of tourists like in some of the places you can find in the French Quarter.  The restaurant also served as a rallying point for workers immediately after the Hurricane, so if you’re interested most of the bartenders love to share stories from that period of recovery. The Dry Dock Cafe was one of the first restaurants to reopen, and was a big hit amongst the first and second responders.

Crown and Anchor English Pub
Crown and Anchor English Pub

The Crown and Anchor English Pub “Take the ferry over and feel like you’ve crossed the Atlantic,” is only slightly misleading.  This British watering hole features a wealth of imported lagers, ales, and porters you can’t find anywhere else in the city.  Come on Thursday and you can get in on one of the longest running pub-quizzes in the city.  Plus, with the coming World Cup, there is sure to be an injection of foreigners into the Bar’s clientele.  Come check out the The Crown and Anchor’sinternational flavor.

The neighborhood is quiet, historic, and familial.  There is still a great deal of “Algerine” pride, with the longest living residents taking great pride in their birthright. It’s the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, and at one point the most autonomous (the river was wide, and the first span of the Crescent City Connection wasn’t built until 1958).  The Point was largely reconstructed around 1895 as a result of a devastating fire, so many of the buildings date from that era. Much of the architecture would be right at home in uptown. It’s one of New Orleans’ most over-looked, but most hospitable neighborhoods.

So just hop on the Algiers Ferry and appreciate the other side of the river!

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