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Cocktail Culture

Bacchanal in the Bywater

Bacchanal from on Vimeo.

600 Poland Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117-4722
(504) 948-9111
Video Transcript 
Fleurty Girl: Bacchanal in the Ninth Ward is a very cool place to go any
night of the week for probably the most unique experience that you could
have in the Ninth Ward.Bacchanal Speaker: Welcome to Bacchanal, y’all. This is the wine shop in
the lower Upper Ninth Ward. We specialize in great food, great wine, and
great music. We’ve got live music here seven days a week out in the lovely
courtyard, and if you also look around the room here, we’ve probably got
about 400 different kinds of terrific wines that you can come and drink and
chill and have a good time.Fleurty Girl: Here’s how it works at Bacchanal’s. You can see they’ve got
lots of different wines for you to choose from. You just choose your
bottle of wine and then walk over the refrigerator and get some cheeses,
and you can even bring it to the back. They’ll cut it up for you. Then
you head to the patio. So you come out here with your glass of wine and
you just hang out. Sit, enjoy yourself. They also have a guest chef every
Sunday night. It’s a great place to check out right here in the Ninth
Ward. Well, that wraps up this edition of GoNola TV. I’m Fleurty Girl ,
and we’ll see you next time, darling.
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