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Boudin, Bourbon & Beer: 10 Dishes You Can’t Miss

Boudin, Bourbon & Beer, a fundraiser for the Emeril Lagasse Foundation co-chaired by Lagasse and chef Donald Link, is just around the corner on Nov. 7. We’re not the only ones who are excited — the top national chefs participating are eager to get to New Orleans and visit their favorite spots. If the concept of creative spins on Louisiana sausage, Abita beer and Buffalo Trace whiskey available all in one place doesn’t have you salivating, here’s an exclusive look at some of the dishes New Orleans chefs will be preparing for the event. (Also, an insider tip: if you buy tickets to the event at the Superdome Box Office with cash, you can save a little money. Tickets there are face value plus a $4 fee: $104 total. Fees are higher online and via credit cards.The Superdome box office is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

Chef Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery will prepare cracklins and chicken liver mousse with Poirier’s syrup. (Photo: courtesy Toups Meatery)

10 Boudin, Bourbon & Beer Dishes Not to Miss

David Slater, Emeril’s — Boudin Eggroll with Nuoc Cham and Pickled Peppers. Boudin gets a pan-Asian makeover, incorporating Chinese and Vietnamese elements.

Kelly Fields, Restaurant August — Valrhona Blonde Chocolate Panna Cotta, Pecan, Coconut and Candied Bacon with Bourbon Truffles. Pork isn’t just used in savory applications at Boudin, Bourbon & Beer — the pastry chef of the elegant John Besh restaurant is preparing a “dessert boudin” that also incorporates bourbon.

Chef Michael Gulotta of Mopho is serving Boudin Noire Stuffed Dumplings at the event. (Photo: courtesy Michael Gulotta)

Dustin Brien and Mike Ruoss, Salu — Pork and Smoked Duck Liver Rillette, Bourbon Mustard, Pear Butter and Pickle. The chefs present a unique spin on pork rillettes by incorporating smoked duck liver; the smoke and gaminess from the liver adds flavors of hickory and brandy to the rillettes that cut through the fat of the pork. Attendees will get two sauce options: pear butter or bourbon mustard.

Frank Brigtsen, Brigtsen’s — Duck Boudin Eggrolls. The chef of the locals’ favorite Riverbend spot is also incorporating Asian flavors.

Michael Gulotta, MoPho — Boudin Noire Stuffed Tapioca Dumplings with Spicy Satsuma Soy, Apple and Rau Ram. The chef of the hip Mid-City Vietnamese eatery mixes international cuisines with English/French “blood sausage” dumplings, Vietnamese spice and a local favorite citrus.

Becker Hall and Rene Louapre, Hogs for the Cause — “Boudindian” Spring Rolls. Despite being the only non-professional chefs on the BB&B roster (these guys are the brains behind the massively successful Hogs for the Cause fundraiser), Hall and Louapre are bringing the boudin nonetheless. The Indian-inspired dish is a pork vindaloo with a fragrant Indian rice, stuffed in an eggroll and served with a chutney.

Eric Labouchere and Nat Perrier, Martinique Bistro/Dick & Jenny’s — Veal Sweet Bread Boudin Blanc with Basmati Rice and Garlic Chives, with Peach Pepper Jelly and Pickles. Adventurous eaters can go whole hog on this one with this dish that involves delicious, tender sweet breads.

The team at Atchafalaya testing pork tamales for Boudin, Bourbon & Beer (Photo: courtesy Chris Lynch)

Chris Lynch, Atchafalaya — Pork Crawfish Sweet Corn Tamale. Cajun meets Mesoamerica in this delicious hybrid.

Michael Sichel, Galatoire’s — Boudin Hash with Braised Greens, Hot Quail and Smoked Egg Hollandaise. This sounds like something I would want to eat for breakfast every day.

Isaac Toups, Toups Meatery — Hog Cracklins, Chicken Liver Mousse, Poirer’s Syrup. This dish combines a variety of tastes and textures: crispy, fatty pork skin; silky chicken liver mousse; and sweet cane syrup all come together.

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