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EducatioNOLA: The Top 4 Classes for Food and Beverage in New Orleans

Four food and beverage classes in New Orleans to take at wine and cheese shops, a cooking school and even in your own home.

Ever been intimidated by that wine list that comes in a 40 pound book? Been befuddled by the endless options of cheese at the grocery store? Or maybe your problems run deeper than that. Perhaps you find yourself clueless in a kitchen without a microwave. We’ve got the solution for you. It’s time to head back to school! Here are our four favorite classes to help you confidently take on any of these challenges in no particular order, of course.

1. W.I.N.O. – While W.I.N.O. might just seem like a fancy wine bar, its goal is to help educate both professionals and amateurs about the wonders of wine. W.I.N.O., located on the edge of the warehouse district and downtown, offers formal classes regularly on a range of subjects. New to wine? Look for the Intro to Wine course. Decided wine is your thing, but need some help navagating the wine list? W.I.N.O.’s Food and Wine Pairing class promises to teach you “how to choose the right wine for any meal with confidence.” For the professionals out there, W.I.N.O. also offers Wine and Spirit Education Trust certification classes.

2. St. James Cheese Company – Cheese is delightful on its own. But pair it with the right partner and it is down right heavenly. The St. James Cheese Company offers classes every Wednesday which are designed to help make this heavenly match as often as possible. While the classes typically focus on pairing the cheese with wine, you’ll find a bevy of classes substituing the wine for stranger bedfellows, such as beer or liquor. Want to take a more active interest in cheese? St. James also offers cheesemaking classes. Word to the wise: these classes are very popular, but limited in size. Call ahead and call early to snag your spot.

3. New Orleans Cooking Experience – Billed as the most sophisticated and upscale cooking school in New Orleans, the New Orleans Cooking Experience really takes the cooking school experience to a whole new level. Located in the House of Bayou Road, an 18th century Creole plantation, the New Orleans Cooking Experience offers a wide array of classes all focusing on classic New Orleans cooking. The available programs range from half-day classes to full-on immersion learning through the course of four days. What really sets the New Orleans Cooking Experience apart from the others is the collection of stellar teachers, which include such culinary stars as Frank Brigtsen and Poppy Tooker.

4. Elizabeth Pearce -Want to learn your way around your kitchen? Elizabeth Pearce is the woman to call. No fancy equipment or restaurant-grade ovens here (unless you have them), Elizabeth promises to teach you not just a few recipes, but the basics of cooking which will give you the basic building blocks for making countless great meals. And that’s just after one lesson! Whether you’re a novice in need of help or just looking for an alternative activity with friends and family, Elizabeth can help in the comfort of your own home. And if you’re up for a real challenge, Elizabeth also teaches hearth cooking lessons in the Hermann-Grima House. Learn to make meals using state of the art tools. State of the art for the 1830s!

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