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GoNOLA Recommends: 5 Things To Do In New Orleans This Weekend

Commander's Palace (Photo: Paul Broussard)

The selection of New Orleans festivities this weekend is overwhelming almost to an intimidating degree. Almost. There are four festivals and a LA Restaurant Week, and that’s just scratching the surface. Festival season has begun, ladies and gentlemen, and she’ll only gain momentum from here. We suggest you make it out to one of these events – and if you’re brave, all of them – to get your feet wet before there’s no choice but to dive in.

Now through Sunday, Sept. 18:

1. Louisiana Seafood Restaurant Week – Right off the heels of the New Orleans Seafood Festival, you can enjoy the Louisiana Seafood Restaurant Week running through Sunday, Sept. 18. Hosted by We Live to Eat, esteemed restaurants like Commander’s Palace, Galatoire’s and Restaurant Augus toffer two-course lunches for $20 and three course dinners for $35, each including at least one prominent seafood dish. What a great way to taste what New Orleans does best with a clean fiscal conscious!

Friday, Sept. 16:

2. Ponderosa Stomp – The 10th Annual Ponderosa Stomp is this weekend at the Howlin Wolf. The Stomp is a collective of some of the greatest influences and contributors to American and New Orleans music. Some of the hall of fame performers include Allen Toussaint, Eddie Powers, Lazy Lester, Earl Stanley, Frankie Ford, Little Freddie King, Johnny Legend and more. There are two chances to catch the Stomp on Friday and Saturday night. Don’t miss the once a year chance to hear this many legends sharing the same stage!

Saturday, Sept. 17:

3. NOLA DOWNTOWN Music and Arts Fest – This weekend is the Downtown Music and Arts Fest presented by the Cutting Edge CE – a music industry conference bringing international musicians and industry experts to New Orleans.  Acclaimed musicians from around the globe come to play and rejoice in the ever developing downtown sector of New Orleans.

4. New Orleans Burlesque Festival – Burlesque is kind of a big deal in New Orleans. It was an even bigger deal in the 1940s-1960s when burlesque houses ruled Bourbon Street. Founded in 2009, the festival aimed to revive vintage burlesque in the city. Shows and workshops take place all weekend, but the main event is Saturday. The Queen of Burlesque at Harrah’s Casino is a dance-off among the sassiest girls in the burlesque racket. Closing celebrations follow the crowning at Republic where the new queen takes her thrown as her fellow jesters of elegance take the stage.

Sunday, Sept. 18:

5. Local Threads Arts Fest – The five week-long arts and culture fest, running through Oct. 9th, welcomes Drummy Greg and Friends, bringing the jazz and reggae soundtrack to the party on Sunday. Each Local Threads event is held at the Staple Goods gallery on St. Roch Avenue in the St. Claude Arts District. Come see what the Marigny arts community is all about and celebrate NOLA art from 1-5 pm!

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