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How Low Can You Go: A New Orleans Bike Tour on a Budget

If you’ve only got a day in the city and you’re on a budget, you’ve got to maximize your resources and get more bang for your buck. Get ready to be sweaty, satiated, and bitten by the fun bug. In order to see as much as possible you need some killer wheels. Bike rentals are the way to go and at The American Bicycle Rental Company, you can get a flashy ride with a basket for all your goodies at the Economy Rate of $25 for 8 hours or if you’re in the mood to bike beneath the howling moon an extra $5 will secure you the bike for 24 hours. Since your picking up your bike in the French Quarter you should bike through Jackson Square and swing by Cafe Du Monde for a traditional New Orleans staple, beignets, and quench that morning thirst with a .92 cent PBR at A&Z Convenience Store.  As you’re heading down Decatur you’ll hit the open air French Market where you can get cheap gifts to bring home to the folks, like the New Orleans organic drink, Bissap Breeze, a non-alcoholic hibiscus flower beverage which can be paired with some champagne or great for salad dressing. At $10 a bottle its a unique gift that keeps on giving.

After that head down Chartres St. and get lost in the Bywater. There you can stop at Dr. Bob’s and see some original art and grab a much deserved bite at Elizabeth’s  (601 Gallier Street) for a gigantic local lunch that will satisfy your empty stomach and won’t break the bank. I recommend the B.L.T. made with Crisped Hog Jowls, Chopped Tomatoes, and Fresh Spinach for $8.50, or their Breakfast Po-boy for $6.

Then turn your need for speed in the opposite direction and head back through the French Quarter down Magazine St., through the CBD and into the Garden District. Head down St. Charles to scope some of the most beautiful homes in the city and play chicken with a streetcar. Across from the local universities lies Audubon Park. Take a load off,  sit on a bench, enjoy nature, say hello to some swans and if you planned properly crack open another .92 cent PBR. Then head back to the Lower Garden District for some delicious bar food at the Half Moon on St. Mary Street. If you’ve got a partner in crime, it would be wise of you to share one of their delicious behemoth sandwiches, play some music on the jukebox, play a round of pool, and then pat yourself on the back for a day well spent. Literally.

Written By: Kyle Williams

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