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Cocktail Culture

Last Weekend in New Orleans: Burgers, an Old Fashioned and Street Performers

Last weekend in New Orleans, we enjoyed a burger from Straight Stick Ranch Burger Co., an Old Fashioned from Twelve Mile Limit and street performers.

This weekend in New Orleans was – like every weekend – too short and a lot of fun. Between the food, drinks and events, if you can’t have fun here, you can’t have fun anywhere. We ate great food, had good drinks and took in a street show across from Jackson Square. Every Monday you can relive the best moments from our weekend adventures in NOLA that will perhaps provide some inspiration for your next visit. Here’s what we did this past weekend. Share pictures of your New Orleans adventures from the weekend on our Facebook page!

What we ate: Burgers and cheese fries at Straight Stick Ranch Burger Co. This relatively new burger joint doesn’t mess around. Located both inside and right outside of Rock-N-Bowl (you can order and eat outside or inside), has a no-muss no-fuss menu featuring, you guessed it – delicious burgers. It’s one of the newer additions to the ever-growing burger scene in NOLA and one we think will be around for a while.

Photo by Susan Whelan

What we drank: Old Fashioned at Twelve Mile Limit. These simple and classic cocktails are crafted with care at Twelve Mile Limit, a mecca for craft cocktail enthusiasts tucked in the corner of a residential neighborhood in Mid-City. This Old Fashioned was simply delicious, made with sugar, bitters, whiskey and a twist and, to add a touch of flair, served with a heart-shaped ice cube.

Photo by Ashley Orr

What we saw: New Orleans street performers across the street from Jackson Square. Whenever you’re walking through the city of New Orleans, regardless of time of day, you’re likely to see some kind of street performers. Our street performers are top quality acts — musicians, acrobats, dancers. You name it and we have it. You can usually catch a show like this across the street from Jackson Square every hour or so on the weekends. It’s the perfect way to sit down for a few moments and enjoy your surroundings.

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