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Red-dy, Set, Go! New Orleans Red Dress Run 2014

It is almost time to paint the town red! Coming up on August 9, 2014 is the 20th annual Red Dress Run. So ladies and gentlemen, it is time to pull out your favorite red dress and lace up your running (or walking) shoes. The Red Dress Run is sponsored by the New Orleans Hash House Harriers, a self-proclaimed “drinking club with a running problem,” which means this event is for folks 21+ only. So don your finest and most aerodynamic red ensemble and head on down to Armstrong Park.

red dress run new orleans
The Red Dress Run in New Orleans: red dress is required, but running is not.

Even though you’ve got your perfect red running dress all picked out, you’re probably wondering what’s so great about the Red Dress Run. Well, it’s a massive party with great bands, food and tons of beer. While the musical line up hasn’t been released quite yet, prior years have included local favorites Cowboy Mouth and Dash Rip Rock. The great news is that whoever is playing will play all day long, both before and after the actual run. In addition to the music, your registration fee includes almost unlimited drinks (typically beer, wine and frozen drinks) and a catered lunch. That’s pretty much an unbeatable deal.

red dress run new orleans
The Red Dress Run is fun for guys and gals 21+

Just to sweeten the pot, there’s all the good that happens with the Red Dress Run. Sure the hanging out with your friends, the excuse to buy a new red dress and all the drinks are great for you, but the New Orleans Hash House Harriers care about more than just making you happy. The proceeds from each Red Dress Run are returned to tons of New Orleans-based charities that undertake all kinds of projects around town. After the Red Dress Run this year, the NOH3 (as they’re also known) will have donated more than $1 million to these charities. I’ve always said that you can’t find a better way to give to charity than through a party at which you have a ton of fun.

Considering you’re completely sold on this charitable extravaganza, there are a few final details for you. The run is optional, wearing the red dress (or whatever near approximation you can assemble) is not. Registration is open now, and the first 4,000 registrants get sweet little giveaways, so head on over and buy your ticket now. Registration is currently $60, but goes up to $70 at the expo and on the day of the event.

Photos by Cheryl Gerber

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