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Video: New Orleans Lakefront

Whether you’re taking off, setting sail, or just want to enjoy some nice, Southern sunshine, you can find it all on Lake Pontchartrain.

We’re a river city. Specifically, a Mississippi River city. Whether in our nicknames (Crescent City) or some of our biggest industries (the Port of New Orleans features the longest wharf in the world), the river is both part of our identity and our everyday lives. But so is Lake Pontchartrain.

The lakefront along Lakeshore Drive stretches for miles. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)
The lakefront along Lakeshore Drive stretches for miles. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)

Not content with just a big ol’ river, New Orleans is also home to a gigantic lake, too. Stretching 40 miles across, Lake Pontchartrain is full of brackish water (a mix of ocean water and freshwater that connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico) that beckons visitors to fish, paddleboard, sail, bike, or maybe just eat seafood on a lakefront patio. Take a cue from our video, below, and enjoy a day at the lake.

New Orleans Lakefront Video Transcript

Fleurty Girl: 
It’s no secret that New Orleans is surrounded on all sides by water, and on the Northside, you have Lake Pontchartrain.

Lake Pontchartrain is not actually a lake, but a mixture of fresh and salt water that is directly connected to the Gulf of Mexico. And if you have ever driven on the Causeway Bridge — one of the longest bridges in the entire world — you know just how vast it is. The lake spans over 40 miles long and 30 miles wide. To call it big is an understatement.

The beauty of this lake is undeniable. And with the restoration of the New Canal Lighthouse you can learn more about its rich maritime history through educational tours provided right here on the water.

Brisbi's Seafood sits right on the water. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)
Brisbi’s Seafood sits right on the water. (Photo: Rebecca Ratliff)

When you live in such close proximity to this much water, it becomes major part of your culture. With opportunities for swimming, sailing, and fishing, there are endless ways New Orleanians use this lake every single day. You can even check out sailboat races on Wednesday nights in the spring, put on by the Southern Yacht Club.

This recreational area on Lakefront Drive is a great place for walking, biking, or even rollerblading. There are even great opportunities for fishing here right off the sea wall. And with restaurants lining the edge of this beautiful Lakefront, you know you’re going to be eating some really fresh fish.

One of the most delicious restaurants over here is Messina’s Runway Cafe, located in this historical airport right on Lake Pontchartrain. This airport was opened in 1934 and was dubbed, “The Air Hub of the Americas.” From private, military, and commercial flights, this airport is still one of the busiest in Louisiana. And it’s unique architecture definitely make it a must-see.

So whether you’re taking off, setting sail, or just want to enjoy some nice southern sunshine, you can find it right here on Lake Pontchartrain. I’m Fleurty Girl and that wraps up another episode of GoNOLA TV, and we’ll see you next time, darlin’.

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