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GoNOLA Recipes at Home: Rice Balls with Cream Cheese and Pecans

New Orleans restaurants are some of the best in the world and local chefs take their cuisine very seriously. While you’ve got to get out and see all that New Orleans has to offer, sometimes it’s just as much fun to get fancy in your own kitchen and experiment with new recipes. If you are looking for something different, this recipe from French Quarter restaurant Brennan’s is a nice break from the norm. I love sweets and I love cream cheese, and this tasty treat has got both. If you are cooking for friends, it could really bring the meal to a new level, or it could make for a decadent night of indulging if you just feel like keeping them all to yourself. Get out your apron and some wine and get creative in the kitchen this week. Check out our other New Orleans recipes for some Big Easy cooking at home.

new orleans cooking, new orleans recipe
Try something different in your kitchen this week with a New Orleans restaurant recipe. (photo from roboppy on Flickr)


– 1 cup cooked rice
– 1 cup whole milk
– 5 egg whites
– ¾ cup sugar
– 1 quart whipping cream
– ½ pound cream cheese
– ¾ cup powdered sugar
– 1 cup pecans, toasted
– Cane syrup


Re-cook rice in a cup of milk and sugar. Cook until milk reduces and add 2 egg whites until completely cooked. Remove from heat and cool in refrigerator until cold.

Make a meringue with 3 remaining egg whites. Whip until frothy and add 3/4 cup sugar. Beat until stiff and pat rice balls coating with meringue and brown with a torch or broiler. Refrigerate.

Mix whipping cream and Philadelphia cream cheese together to create a soft base for rice balls. Plate 2 tablespoons of mixture under 2 rice balls on each plate. Cover top with pecans that have been sprinkled with sugar and toasted on a buttered cookie sheet under the broiler until brown. Dust with powdered sugar and drizzle with cane syrup.

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