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Jazz Fest Survival Guide

If you’re coming to New Orleans for the Annual Jazz and Heritage Festival and looking for tips from locals, you’ve come to the right place for advice. I’ve been festin’ my whole life, at least as long as I can remember. Jazz Fest, to locals, is a celebration not just of music but of everything we are — food, music, art, culture, history — it’s a celebration of life. And you know that we know how to celebrate.

Now, it’s easy to over-celebrate in this city (if you catch my drift) and being prepared is always important. Here are a few key things I think you’ll need to know in order to survive Jazz Fest.

1. First, there’s what I call the three C’s — Coozie, Cash, Comfort. I don’t believe it’s a festival without a cold beer and how do you expect to keep that beer cold without a coozie? Cash isn’t just appreciated, in most cases it’s the only form of payment. There are ATM’s at Jazz Fest but you don’t want to get smacked with a high fee.

New Orleans is hot. There is no use trying to beat around this bush, but in case you didn’t know the south can get quite warm in late April and early May. Because of this, I recommend wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

Weather is unpredictable.

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