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Mexico’s Golden Girl of Pop: Paulina Rubio Comes to Jazz Fest

Paulina Rubio's famous locks. Photo courtesy of Paulina Rubio Hot Photo Gallery.

“I’ve been famous since I was born,” says Mexican pop singer, actress, model and now lipstick designer Paulina Rubio. Indeed the blonde tressed Rubio has long been a household name in Mexico. The daughter of soap opera star Susana Dosamantes, Rubio performed for a decade as a member of the child band Timbiriche. Rubio’s first solo album was released in 1992, the appropriately titled La Chica Dorada. And golden she is. That album and the nine that have followed have sold millions, including Paulina, the best selling Latin album in the United States in 2001. Rubio has had fourteen number one singles in Mexico. Though mostly sung in Spanish, her most recent release, Brava, has been promoted as a Spanglish album and offers English-speaking singles, including “All Around the World” as well “Hoy Me Toca a Mí,” a bi-lingual duet with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas. Heavy on electronica, drum effects and lyrics involving the words amor and corazón, Brava is dance music aimed at younger, discotheque-going crowds.

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