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Top 5 Places for a Bloody Mary

I have a confession. I love day drinking. There is something about enjoying a cocktail at 11:00 am that is just so much better than when it’s at 11:00 pm. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy brunch cocktails over evening cocktails. Whatever the case, I love it. And, my favorite thing to enjoy early in the day is a Bloody Mary. Needless to say, I’ve had a bloody mary in just about every bar in New Orleans (sad, but probably true). Below are my top five picks for this New Orleans breakfast cocktail.

1. Tracey’s. When I drink a bloody mary, I like to have garnish. In fact, I like to have so much garnish that people have actually made fun of me for it. (Side: I like to tell myself that if I have enough salad-type vegetables in there it’s actually healthy for me.) The truth is, I love Tracey’s bloody marys because they have a garnish bar. They literally have any garnish you could ever possibly want to put in your drink set up like a buffet. Tracey’s does this every Sunday.

2. Igor’s

3. Bruno’s Tavern

4. The Superdome

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